16+ Times It Was Clear Humanity Needs Some Help

There is no shame in asking for help from time to time. The world can be an unforgiving and challenging place after all.

However, there are some people out there who don't want to ask for help, yet give humanity a collective bad name in their fumbling attempts to function on their own. If you don't believe me, then here are 16+ times it was clear humanity needs some help.

"Signed a 'funny' signature. The computer froze and had to explain to the employees that no, my name isn't Poop Mouth and no, I don't know why I wrote that."

Reddit | citadelinn

I can't imagine how much I would want to die if this happened to me. I think that I'd have just left and abandoned my purchases.

"She tried to hold the doors with her dinner in her hands. She missed the train, but her dinner didn't."

Reddit | old_gold_mountain

It'd be a shame to let it go to waste. Do you think that you'd be able to eat food that had been abandoned in a subway door?

"Burnt the word 'HOT' into my hand."

Reddit | bmb222

I mean, if something has the word "Hot" on it, then odds are it is hot! This will serve as a constant reminder of their idiocy.

"Man washes dogs backside on a drinking fountain."

Reddit | johns2000

How on Earth does anyone think that this is okay? I will never be able to use a drinking fountain again.

"Sucks to make a mistake on take your kid to work day."

Reddit | ortcara

This kid has management potential! What if it turned out that the 7-year-old was really the brains of the organisation, and the boss was just a shill.

"I went to wash my hands at a chinese food place and this was their soap bottle."

Reddit | lucifrage

Just make sure you don't use it to wash your face, you'll never get that chili sting out!

"Was just de-tangling the passenger belt from the driver’s side when it snapped out of my hand and lodged under parking brake. Neither brake nor belt would budge."

Reddit | QuakeC

This person went on to say that they ultimately had to call for a tow. Imagine having to try and explain how this situation had arisen. I'm struggling to get my head around it and I've got the explanation written down!

"These are a few of the best pieces in the Peruvian wax museum."

Reddit | apigosu

I genuinely can't decide who is the worst. I mean, it's got to be Miley Cyrus, but it's a tough call!

"Coke vendor knocked over eggs and left, first thing I see when I come in the morning."

Reddit | eskilless

Just crank up the heating and you could whip yourself up a mammoth omelette!

"My Final Year Project materials burned and melted after the technician mistakenly set the wrong temperature."

Reddit | danny5059

I wonder what grade they got? Do they have to do it again or do they just get a pass for the technician's stupidity?

"Smashed face on a detailed sculpture."

Reddit | phreephunk

This piece has now tentatively been titled, "Ooft." The guy's face looks just as angry as the person who made it presumably is.

"Giving Mario two right hands."

Reddit | Jmac30O0

The idea behind this tattoo is bad enough on its own, let alone with a glaring mistake in it!

"When you want to impress the neighbors, but become known as the guy who destroyed a Jeep at the push of a button."

Reddit | vertigo1084

I mean, what is there more to say about this? I struggle to imagine how unfathomably dense you would have to be to let this happen!

Itchy Mistake

Reddit | KevlarYarmulke

What a day to wear light pants! The only option now is to color them in completely!

Feel The Sting Of Reality

Reddit | rockbrownie

Apparently this photo was taken just after the professor started talking about differential equations in a physics 2 lecture. I can feel your pain man.

"Got this at work today. They were serious."

Reddit | ManiacL

The person who posted this went on to say, "I asked my boss if I could say it will transmit through their keyboard through their fingertips if they don't wash their hands." However, they weren't allowed.

"If you still have hope in humanity."

Reddit | DarkSobek

Who on Earth is desperate enough for a wheelbarrow to have to steal one? What situation could possibly push you to take such drastic actions.

"This is why we can't have nice things."

Reddit | TheDashingMan

First wheelbarrows, now half empty hand sanitizer dispensers, is there nothing that people won't steal?!

"Got pissed at the pizza place for not adding cheese. Looked at the order, instead extra cheese, I put no cheese."

Reddit | seriphae

Well, you have no one to blame but yourself... oh, and the pizza place for having an option for no cheese! Who would ever want that?!

"At least take your mail out if you dump your trash on the side of the road."

Reddit | humblesquare

Well, looks like the person who abandoned this trash is going to be getting a quite unexpected, yet deserved, delivery!