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Model With Down Syndrome Becomes The Face Of 'Surf Style' Stores

Models with Down Syndrome are taking over the fashion world, and it's about time.

The brand Surf Style recently partnered with the group Help Us Gather to feature model Ethan Hunt. So, who is he? What's his modeling career all about? Let's find out.

Meet Ethan!

Help Us Gather

Ethan is a Florida native in his junior year of high school.

He joined Help Us Gather as their first model with Down Syndrome, and he's already making big waves there.

He's Help Us Gather's first model with Down Syndrome.

Help Us Gather

Help Us Gather, aka HUG, is an all-inclusive company looking to reflect the true diversity of our world through media and events. They currently focus on making that happen at the local level.

Surf Style was THRILLED to have him.

Help Us Gather

To say the least! In a press release on their site, they talked about how important representation is to them.

"We strive to create an atmosphere of inclusion in all of our stores."

HUG came to them with their idea.

Help Us Gather

"In July of 2019, Robin Lally and her team at Help Us Gather approached Surf Style with an opportunity we simply could not refuse," they said.

"It was through HUG we were introduced to Ethan, an aspiring model with Down Syndrome."

They wanted him immediately.

The brand said that he was the perfect fit for them, thanks to his, "carefree spirit and active lifestyle."

You can totally see that carefree spirit in his modeling!

His extracurricular activities were a big plus.

Help Us Gather

"He has a love of soccer, baseball, and wrestling, and is involved in sports both inside and outside of school. But what makes Ethan a great representation of our brand is in his commitment to water sports."

Ethan loves everything to do with the ocean.

And he's incredibly talented. Being on his high school swim team is just where it starts — he's also in the Florida division of the Special Olympics, and has multiple gold medals.

That's not the only division he competes in.

Help Us Gather

Ethan has also won gold competing in paddle boarding at the Special Olympics.

"Anytime he gets to compete, whether its paddle board or swimming, he always gets gold," his mother, Phoy Holt, told Surf Style.

His first shoot with them was a big hit.

Surf Style

"Ethan was so professional on set," Surf Style's Tara Malinasky told "He's an obvious choice because he perfectly embodies the spirit of what Surf Style is all about."

His mom saw his talent for modeling during the Surf Style shoot.

"He studies it, you know, he practices. So that’s when I realized, if he’s willing to do the work, and he gets it, then he’s good at it; so we thought he could make a career out of it. Models know how to move, and he brings his personality with it."

Ethan has had nothing but success since joining Surf Style.

Help Us Gather

"My friends on the swim team and a couple of girls, even my coach knows, say I’m a famous model now," he said.

Ethan is a king, and he's about to be everywhere. Remember his name!