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40 Screwups So Bad They're Good

In my opinion, there aren't too many things that are more entertaining in this world than watching other people mess up really, really badly. If you could use a good laugh today, check out these folks who failed terribly. I honestly don't even know how people can make these mistakes.

1. I guess the logic here is fine, this person just needs a little more context. I wish the NFL was around at the same time as the founding of the U.S. I think George Washington would've made a great linebacker.

Reddit | notleonardodicaprio

2. That's not how you cook a pizza

Reddit | dusty1993

That's how you cook pizza when you're drunk though.

3. Those cakes aren't that expensive, are they?


Maybe they can apply the 30 second rule...

4. My biggest question about this situation is why he decided that taking a snapchat was at the top of his priority list. I would recommend just going to the dry cleaners next time.

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5. Is it just me, or does this dog have a tiny head?

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6. I will say, that is a pretty high tech looking air freshener. I wouldn't be surprised if it was equipped with wifi so it can be controlled directly from your phone. It is 2017, after all.

Twitter | @MarkHayter1

7. I'm sure they handled it with class and maturity. 13-year-olds are known for their tact and forgiveness. Lol just kidding... She totally got roasted and will never live it down.

Reddit | dustofoblivion123

8. As they say, don't count your chickens before they hatch — know what I mean?

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What else is social media for other than showing off? Be careful when karma strikes, though.

9. Mom who have had one too many glasses of wine

Twitter | @dumb_hannah

Either that or she needs new glasses. It's okay, one time I tried to pet a woman's coat, thinking it was a sheltie...

10. Warning signs only exist because they need to, which means some kid accidentally swallowed a rubber ball while trying to bounce some gum against the floor. They should probably get two gumball machines.

Reddit | Swichts

11. That's an interesting design for a floaty toy...

Twitter | @JillianDavid13

That looks like one of those super absorbent overnight pads, or the ones my grandmother started using after she lost her bladder control...

12. Since I keep stumbling across these types of pictures on the internet, I feel like I should do a public service announcement. Plastic does not belong in the oven. It will melt. You're welcome.

Twitter | @KieranRiley123

13. Ladies, be careful when you're using your eyelash curler. I can't even imagine how badly this would hurt. The good news is that she can save time because she doesn't have to put mascara on in the mornings.

Twitter | @CierraHyatt

14. Hope there's no ash in there

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Who cares if it's an ashtray?! It's crystal! Just as long as there aren't any cigar butts in that cranberry sauce...

15. That poor little girl! She's never going to trust her daddy again. And she's probably going to have traumatizing flashbacks any time she watches Tarzan. At least there was some soft foam to land in.

Reddit | Voluptuous_Autobot

16. Thanks for the gift, Mom...

Twitter | @robertsshelby57

"What are you laughing about? The woman at the store said that she uses it every day and she loves it!"

17. They're going to be finding pasta sauce in crevices all over their kitchen for the next two years. Unless, of course, the cat manages to lick it all up before then.

Reddit | saberprophecy

18. Something got lost in translation, but it's not inaccurate 

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When I go to the salon, it is a pretty high-maintenance process. That's also the reason I only end up going twice a year.

19. I've been waiting my whole life to witness this happen in person, but I still haven't. I honestly started to think that it only happens in cartoons and sitcoms. I'm glad there's still hope.

Reddit | JaCobra789

20. Soooo I guess there was metal in the room

Reddit | iBleeedorange

Specifically, there was metal in the hospital bed...

21. Reminds me of the time I had the family meal from Taco Bell all to myself. Good times.

iFunny | iFunny

Always remember to take it easy on the hot sauce, though. That's rough.

22. I'm not sure that I would trust the quality of work coming from this place. The sign installer had one job to do, and managed to mess it up big time.

Reddit | wasabimaybe

23. Hmmm... Wait a minute. That's not how spaghetti do. THAT'S NOT HOW SPAGHETTI DO!

Reddit | Marzz

24. That's not how you use a cutting board

Reddit | [deleted]

This is probably the same person who did the spaghetti

25. Sounds like Dad needs a geography lesson

Reddit | melmaitag

26. This bike owner didn't think this all the way through. I'm no thief, but if I saw this, I might chain it to something more secure just to teach them a lesson.

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27. I'm going to take a wild guess and say that this is a first-time boat owner. How did he even get out of the truck?! He must've crawled out the window.

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28. I wonder what it tasted like...

Twitter | @daniel_merry

Beef swirl? Liver ripple? Chicken chunk?

29. Well, I won't be trying this again...

Reddit | chongas

Don't worry, I'm sure whatever it can get into, it can get out of!

30. Hopefully you don't need to use that car anytime soon...

AcidCow | AcidCow

Give it a few'll thaw out

31. This is hilarious, but to be honest, I would be so much happier with receiving asparagus than I would be with flowers. Asparagus is by far the best vegetable, and if you disagree, you're wrong.

Twitter | @meganwhite

32. The caption is totally right. Stuff like this is exactly why I still have Facebook. It's a never ending supply of entertainment in the form of ignorant old friends from high school!

Twitter | @Benoo_Brown

33. Something looks a little off with this...

Reddit | reece1

You know there's a problem when the border guard's first question is whether you're fleeing the country from a mob of villagers.

34. That's a hilarious mistake, but I would be pretty happy with it because that looks like the most comfortable place to nap ever. I bet that BEAR-ly even fit inside of his room.

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35. How on earth did she not realize that something was wrong until after she finished screwing it all together? I'd suggest that she should have a seat until she feels better, but...

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36. It's the thought that counts, right?

Twitter | @ItsCaradee

Wow, this tweet literally killed me! Oh, wait...I mean...sorry, I guess that was kind of insensitive given the circumstances...

37. I'm convinced that Starbucks employees' main duty is to misspell names as badly as they possibly can. I'm pretty sure that they specifically hire people who are illiterate so there's no chance of getting names right.

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38. Lucky for this professor, it is, in fact, an online course so they never have to show their face in front of their students. If I were them, I might just quit, move cities, and start a new life.

Reddit | siouxsie_siouxv2

39. Wow, what a design... 

Instagram | @quorn.hub

40. It appears that the graphic designer for CNN doesn't have a background in geography, because last I checked, Hong Kong is definitely not in South America. Also, that headline is absolutely terrifying. 

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