15+ Funny Signs People Poured Their Comedic Genius Into

Without signs, humanity would be doomed to endless car crashes, smoking where no smoking is allowed, and faux pas after faux pas. So yes, let's be thankful for signs — and extra thankful for the funny ones.

Do what you love.

Reddit | pearinactive

I'd never thought much about the pleasure that could be derived from holding a good sign. After some thought, I still don't think it's for me, but I'm glad this guy has found his calling.

They're not wrong.

Reddit | bmccuiston

This is a fun pun utilized by every vacuum shop in the history of vacuum shops. It does corner them somewhat, though: if they sell accessories that aren't designed to suck, does that mean that they suck in a bad way?

Have yourself a nice day.

Reddit | gonebonkerz

Whether this driver actually needs the extra space or just doesn't want people dinging their car, we'll never know. At least they were nice in their messaging.

Strong words.

Reddit | grumby24

We've all seen baby on board stickers, along with stick figures that represent a family. I think this — a baby on board sticker that also threatens physical violence — may be a first.

Don't lowball this guy.

Reddit | widesupermonkey

Apparently this guy has put this sign up on his lawn for the past few years. He's clearly a humble snow farmer, just trying to make ends meet.

This hotel gets it.

Reddit | lespies

The "do not disturb" and "please clean room" sides of this hotel sign are very illustrative. Clearly the proprietors know that lots of stuff can happen in a given hotel room.


Reddit | memeboimanperson

This baby changing station is selling itself short by referring to itself as a baby changing station. Clearly it's a black magic station for turning babies into cats, which I'm on board with.

This sign takes things personally.

Reddit | Mingusdrew

I understand that if you're the proprietor, you don't want people fooling around in the washrooms. Then again, providing a place for sloppy people to hook up is basically what public washrooms were invented for.

Hey, we'll show this side some love.

Reddit | snoopkilla

The AmericInn Lodge & Suites seems a little down in the dumps about this neglected side of its sign. Now that this pic is online, though, the sign's getting some more attention.

Such a Karen move.

Reddit | stacyyines

This is a joke, right? Like, I want to have a hearty laugh over its humor, but I'm also a little concerned that Karen's ex isn't doing so well.


Reddit | Terrible_Rutabaga

This sign is speaking the unvarnished truth. Living is so popular that literally one hundred percent of people who've ever walked this planet have tried it out.

Toddlers are exempt.

Reddit | rockthehoody

This sign is posted outside a pool hall, but clearly makes an exception for toddlers. Seems like a weird target demographic, but maybe the owner is just trying to get the younger generation on board.

Filthy commoners.

Reddit | MR_fluffy_pig

By the time planes were invented, the golden age of feudal kings and peasants was long over. But had planes existed a few centuries earlier, I'm sure lords would have pulled stuff like this.

The cat who cried wolf.

Reddit | ChaosLexifer

This is such a cat move. Murphy, if you're reading this, you need to be more honest about your privilege when you're meeting people for the first time.

Don't worry about it.

Reddit | CoenieOosthuysen

The first rule of passive aggressive club? Don't talk about passive aggressive club. Fortunately that's easy to do, as avoiding direct conversations is one of this group's specialties.

Let them in.

Reddit | B4ldy

I know that not everyone likes the zipper merge, but ultimately, it's the best option. So don't treat your lane like it's literally your personal lane, and things will be good.

There are a few similarities.

Reddit | Robyn_withaY

I have a minor quibble with this sign. If you pee your pants in preschool, does a group of beefy bouncers jostle you around and throw you out on the sidewalk?

Still inferior to Helvetica Grande.

Reddit | jungqama

Thanks to Microsoft Windows, everyone in the world knows that the default serif font is Times New Roman, while Ariana Grande is the default sans serif option.

A rimshot worthy of a rimshot.

Reddit | MisterDYT

Just marvel at the fact that someone went so far as to print up their own sign to make this rimshot happen. That's commitment to a bit.

Is there anything it can't do?

Facebook | El Arroyo

Other than unclog your heart, of course. But gosh, does it ever make a house smell better. Seriously, real estate agents should try cooking bacon before an open house instead of baking cookies. Worst case scenario, you still have bacon at the end.

Where's the lie?

Reddit | joene47

It's probably best to just assume that cops linger behind every sign like this, just to be on the safe side.

Maybe the dude needed them more?

Reddit | ilkikuinthadik

And you know what? I know it's here as a line, but I genuinely would wish that dude happiness.

You're not supposed to drink a glow stick, tho.

Imgur | Pete66

But that' s how we toughened ourselves up back in the day, mosh and raving and thrashing and all that. Old school.

And the lie detector says: True.

Imgur | justinconsiderate

You have to love Maury Povich. He's like Jerry Springer meets The Price is Right, where the closest to the actual family member without going over gets to have a fight.

Whoa there, St. Paul United.

Twitter | @brake4birds

As much as church signs enjoy their puns, you seldom see them get even this risqué!

Blah blah blah.

Reddit | Shancar

These "Live, laugh, love" style rustic signs are a scourge on this planet, so it's nice to see that someone has created an antihero version of them.

Your favorite ingredient is what now?

Reddit | Hey_Goonie

Is this possibly the Soylent Cafe? Do the customers who linger too long end up on the menu? Yikes.

Wait, what?

Reddit | EyeOfTheMemes

This seems like such a friendly sign until you realize that the sign maker has a feud with Denmark. I don't know why. Nordic people are typically friendly, and danishes are the ultimate breakfast treat.

Oh, so all the way.

Reddit | LovelyOwlie

Do we need a step-stool to ensure we get the high ground on the door handle? Just want to be sure we have all the details we need.

I don't know if I want to buy what they're selling.

Reddit | Megaseth

What exactly are they advertising for here? Do I really want to know?