15 PVC Pipe DIYs You Need In Your Life

March 17, 2016

If you're skeptical of a PVC pipe's ability to be practical and pretty, don't be. I, too, was once wary of these industrial-looking materials and had no idea how I could possibly use them in my home for something other than plumbing. Turns out, there are actually a lot of PVC pipe projects that can help organize, decorate, and DIY your space. PVC pipes are an incredibly versatile and affordable material that can be customized easily to match the decor of any room.

Get inspired by these PVC pipe DIYs; which ones do you think you'd put in your home? Be sure to like, share, and comment, and show off your own PVC pipe projects!

1. Wine Rack

Martha Stewart | Martha Stewart

Stacked PVC pipes make a surprisingly elegant and modern display for your wine bottles. Use industrial-strength adhesive Velcro to attach the pipes to the shelf and help them stay stacked.

2. Mosaic vase for the garden

Dina's Art Works | Dina's Art Works

Use instant cement and garden stones or sea glass to convert a PVC pipe into these gorgeous vases. Nestle flower pots in the tops of the pipes to add a DIY touch to your yard.

3. Laptop stand

Handimania | Handimania

Laptops are light and portable, but can cause a serious kink in your neck if you don't have a proper stand. Make your own laptop stand by assembling small PVC pipes together. Not only will this DIY save you from neck pain, it will also help your laptop from overheating.

4. The perfect accessory for any bathroom 

Decorating Your Small Space | Decorating Your Small Space

Protect your countertops and prevent injuries with this handy DIY. Use a "Y" PVC pipe to hold your blow dryer, curling iron or any other hot hair tools. Paint the outside of the pipe any color you'd like to put you own personal spin on this project.

5. Organize your craft room

Left Brain Craft Brain | Left Brain Craft Brain

This is a perfect project for organizing tape, ribbon, or other craft supplies. Best of all, it's really not that complicated to make. Cut your PVC pipes into four 8-inch pieces and eight 4-inch pieces, and assemble them into a prism using an outlet elbow. Make some of these to organize your kids' school supplies, too!

6. Get your garage tidy once and for all

Newly Woodwards | Newly Woodwards

Most of us use our garages as a store-all for a number of seasonal yard tools. It can get pretty messy if you're not organized. These PVC pipe tool stands are incredibly easy to make and will keep clutter to a minimum. Attach two lengths of PVC pipe to the garage wall: one at the bottom of the wall, and the other around the mid-point. Once they're secure, slide your tools in and line them up.

7. Poolside PVC pipes

The 11 Best | The 11 Best

This poolside towel rack is perfect for the summer months and is able to withstand the outdoors. Store this portable rack in a shed or the garage when it's not in use.

8. Stop cluttered counter tops! 

Better Homes and Gardens | Better Homes and Gardens

Cut PVC pipes into assorted lengths to create this unique and efficient kitchen organizer. For an added element to this design, try securing the pipes to a lazy Susan so you can rotate it and get the utensil you need with ease.

9. The ultimate drawer organizer

Infarrantly Creative | Infarrantly Creative

If you're like me, chances are that your top dresser drawers are a bundled mess of lone socks and panties. It doesn't have to be that way! Paint PVC pipes in assorted colors and attach them to the bottom of your sock or underwear drawer for an organization solution that looks pretty, too.

10. Cut your energy bill down with PVC pipes

Pinterest | Tasha Schmidt

If you love to lounge by the pool all summer long, you might want to try creating this nifty folding towel rack. This is an energy-efficient option that will allow you to dry towels and laundry outside during the warmer months.

11. Bird watching, anyone?

Garden Design | Garden Design

Who knew that a PVC pipe and a few planter trays would attract so much nature to your yard? Unfortunately, I can't guarantee that those pesky squirrels won't try to ransack this feeder.

12. Light the way with these DIY lamps

Dremel Weekends | Dremel Weekends

This DIY project requires more tools and precision than some of the other projects on this list. You'll need a heavy duty flex shaft tool to cut out the designs from the pipes. Another option is to skip the cut-out design and cut the top of the pipe on a diagonal instead. Fix the bottom of the pipe over a light bulb base to create a "floating" lamp look.

13. Store your succulents 

Urban Gardens | Urban Gardens

Succulents continue to increase in popularity thanks to their easy-to-care-for nature. This planter was created by a designer, but you could easily make this stunning succulent wall using PVC pipes.

14. Hang wraparound curtains

7 Layer Studio | 7 Layer Studio

For some reason, hanging curtains is a much more complicated process than it should be. Let PVC pipes take some of the frustration out of your curtain woes. These versatile pipes can be transformed into curtain rods that fit any space. I'm definitely going to try this the next time I need to hang curtains in a tricky spot.

15. Do you know what these are for? 

Pinterest | Danny Pendergast

I'll give you a hint: they aren't PVC pitchforks. These are actually cup holders that stick into the ground when you're camping or at the beach. So smart!