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The Cutest Pair Of Baby Meerkats Have Been Born At Miami Zoo

It's late in the work day and I'm in need of a pick-me-up. How about you?

In my world, that means cuddling with my dogs but when I can't do that, internet animals are there for me. They aren't a replacement for cuddling puppers, but they are cute and I don't have to pick up their poop, so it breaks even.

Know what I found upon searching for some afternoon cuteness? *Baby meerkats!*

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Look at them!

These little bundles of cute were recently brought into the public eye by the fine people at Zoo Miami.

Their mom, Yam Yam, is pretty adorable too.

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They were born on January 18, 2020, but only just opened their eyes and begun exploring.

Yam Yam is eight years old and lived alone until the zoo adopted three male meerkats to keep her company — which one of them has clearly been doing well.

According to the zoo, Yam Yam and all three of the males have been co-parenting with ease.

To help avoid interference, keepers have stayed away as much as possible and blocked off views of the area where they were nesting.

Now that they are more active and beginning to explore, it's more likely that zoo visitors will get a peek.

Instagram | @zoomiami

And if you're not in the Miami area, you may get to spot them on the zoo's 24/7 live webcam feed of the enclosure.

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