16+ People Who Just Discovered The Next Big Thing

Nowadays, the internet gives us all an easy way to share our great ideas! No longer do people have to spend years agonizingly inventing something, then publish a series of essays on your creation, and then take it symposiums and the like to share it with the world. Instead, you can just tweet your half-baked idea, and get all the recognition you would have gotten if you had bothered to follow that idea to fruition.

However, that doesn't mean that some of these tweet still don't contain a slice of genius. And, to prove this, here are 16+ people who just discovered the next big thing!

Thank God Someone Said It

Twitter | missmayn

All you have to do is tip the cup slightly at an angle. It's almost like this would stop all of the straw-related problems altogether.

New Pilot Idea

Twitter | RoAnnaSylver

I love this idea, and think that it could really take off. Except for the fact that there isn't a single network that would show it. Actually, it sounds like the sort of thing that Vice would show.

New Dating App

witter | Tyvinjerry

You could call it "Humble." If you have a better name suggestion, let me know!

4-Wheel Drive Crocs

Twitter | cabot_phillips

Look, someone rightly pointed out that this is just like putting your seatbelt on when you go off-road in your car. Safety first!

Changing Names

Twitter | PostCultRev

They've got a point, I mean, no one would want to be called, "The Small Hand Stabber" would they?

Bouncy Castle Funerals

Twitter | hauntedcattoy

Just make sure that you all take your shoes off before going in, you don't want anyone getting hurt. Oh, and try to not damage the dead body too much as well, I guess.

Send Insulin

Twitter | kellenbrent

Christ, it is a strange time when people are making jokes about needing to get drugs to keep them alive from the cartel and it doesn't seem like that bad of an idea.

Surf And Turf

Twitter | sarcasm_liberty

The idea of blended up red-meat and fish makes me feel a little nauseous, but the idea of the two separate next to each other makes me really hungry. Strange.

New Bumper Stickers!

Twitter | jazz_inmypants

Shut up and take my money! Then I can dazzle all of those asshat Mercedes drivers with their piercing blue headlights.

"This is how you win in relationships."

Twitter | kyley_king

Is there anything more infuriating than people who will simply not make a decision. "I don't mind," could be one of the single most irritating phrases I can hear.

New Sea Shanties

Twitter | MNateShyamalan

Now, I don't know about you, but that latter playlist sounds like the single best party playlist of all time.

What's Your Name?

Twitter | tina_sanfilippo

This is a great way to set your child up to having a life as a super villain.

Sandwich Identity

Twitter | nathanwpyle

I love this idea. Mainly, because I'm terrible at recognising flags, but great at recognising sandwiches and their countries of origin!

The Do-Over

Twitter | 13gbenita

Yeah, as I've gotten older I've thought of way more exciting ways to ruin my life than by just playing too many video games and drinking too much!

Happy New Year

Twitter | ChrisKlemens

Well, now I've got my plans already sorted for next new year! Although, I'll probably swap out the vodka for rum, to add a bit of a pirate flair to the event.

Turn Signals


It's not hard to indicate people, it takes absolutely no energy to let people know that you're not an asshat.

Moonshine Vapes

Twitter | NickkSimmons

The day that hipsters start brewing vape juice in their bathtubs is the day that I walk off into the ocean... which will probably also taste of cherry vape juice.

Apocalypse-Themed Rave

Twitter | SenorElMeowMeow

In fairness, I could actually see this one working. You could mix together a rave with an escape room!

The True Form Of The Pop Tart

Twitter | DadZZZasleep

In fairness, they're right, we do have the technology. But, we also have the technology to give people the medicine they need to survive and not charge them a fortune, but we don't do that. Oooh, yeah, I made it political, don't @ me.

No-Fly List


I would fully endorse this! And, I can't actually think of a single person I know who wouldn't get behind this fully. This person should run for president on the back of this idea.