9+ Hilarious Wedding Pranks That Made The Big Day Memorable

Weddings can be such serious affairs. There's so much that needs to be done before the big day, it's no wonder the bride and groom might be stressing out.

So what if someone pulled a prank on the unsuspecting bride or groom to liven things up? Is that a good idea or would it make things even worse? Check out these wedding pranks and you be the judge.

1. This First Look

Contemplating doing a 'first look' on your wedding day? Well, if you've got a sense of humor you might get the best man to show up.

2. Or This First Look

When the bride describes the dress to the groom in total detail, but he can only picture a tablecloth. Well, the joke's on him here.

3. This First Dance

Everybody wass expecting the typical first dance between the bride and the groom, and these guys decided to switch it up. That's classic. Ha, ha, ha.

4. This Wedding Night Room Prank


Imagine going back to your room for that magical wedding night to find your bed covered with Post-It notes. Thanks, mom and dad!

5. This Friday the 13th Moment

Here's another first look to remember. I bet the groom wasn't expecting this throwback to classic horror movies when they got married on Friday the 13th.

6. This Dress Prank

OMG, talk about giving the bride a heart attack right before the wedding. If my dad did this I would literally kill him. Not laughing here!

7. This Car Surprise

I dunno how I would feel about my neighbors if they did this to our car on our wedding day. To each their own I guess.

8. This Dinosaur Of A First Look

Just when I thought nobody could top these funny first look moments, this bride in a dinosaur costume does it. OMG, can you imagine?

9. This Bad Boy Moment

This has to take the cake. When you actually get a cop to fake arrest you an hour before your wedding, you're the boss of pranks! Wow.

10. This Cake Topper Mishap

Obviously somebody had too much time on their hands waiting for the bride and groom to show up so they rearranged a few things. Ha, ha!

11. This Wedding Party Prank

Oh wow, I gotta give it to this bride's girlfriends. They're obviously so creative. Ha, ha, ha. This is so cute and funny. Good job!

12. These Seating Arrangement Cards

Who wants boring seating arrangement cards at their tables, right? You can do something like this instead for a few laughs. Good on them, ha, ha!

13. This Not So Sweet Surprise

I dunno if it's really funny to put toothpaste inside the bride and groom's Oreos or just really mean. What do you think?

How would you feel if someone pulled a prank on you on your wedding day?

Would you laugh it off or totally lose it? I dunno — it's a toss-up! LOL!