18+ People Who Found Wild Ways To Express Themselves

We're urged to stay true to ourselves, even as adult life pushes us into boxes where we may not fit. Let's hear it for those of us who aren't afraid to share their inner weirdness.

Just leave him alone.

Reddit | Pablo-Escocarr

I know that many people have zero tolerance for villains at the movie theater, but just this once, can we let him enjoy his popcorn? He isn't bothering anyone.

Forever alone.

Reddit | paradise3

As the last unmarried sibling in the family, this guy always makes sure to take part in, and even dress up for, family photos. But he's only participating if he gets to demonstrate his utter loneliness.

I need about tree fiddy.

Reddit | Absolut_Null_Punkt

I guess not everyone will get this reference, and the source material skit is kind of dumb to begin with, but I'm guessing that the driver of this Audi might be the Loch Ness Monster.

Very direct messaging.

Reddit | ShakeYouLikeHaiti

Like my former across-the-hall neighbor with a welcome mat that simply said "Go away," this person doesn't mince words. They are, however, willing to add a little gnome-y whimsy to the display.

Stay back one million feet.

Reddit | Mama-Pooh

Sometimes you have a message that you just need everyone to hear. Sometimes that's because you care about safety, and you've never driven stick before, and everyone's about to be in serious danger.

Fashion forward.

Reddit | iLiveInyourTrees

If you've ever jokingly worn a CVS receipt as a scarf, only to realize that you actually really like the aesthetic, this guy's whole deal represents style goals.

Big game hunter.

Reddit | Dr_Delectable

The backstory here is that this guy was getting sick of his dad constantly posting pics of trophy deer. Looks like his dad is no longer the only hunter in the family.


Reddit | phillydog1

After reading this three times, I'm still not sure what to make of it. I guess it's nice to know where a future serial killer lives.

Treat yourself.

Reddit | kbhavoc

Do you ever want the sense of accomplishment that only comes from cutting a ceremonial ribbon? Even if no one's there to celebrate with you, there's no reason you can't make it happen.

Brian, what did you do?

Reddit | ciaranjoneill

This sign is kind of all over the place. I'm on board with the edict against racists, bigots, philanderers and thieves. But yoga teachers? Brian? Someone has some strong opinions.

There is so much going on with this cake that I don't know where to start.

Reddit | bobdole12122

I mean, the recipient clearly likes Da Bears, and the hamburger and flag are self-explanatory, but I really don't know what to make of the dadbob merman...

Nailed it.

Reddit | 10fletcher

"My kid did this portrait of me over 10 years ago," wrote the mom who posted this pic, adding, "I still look the same, IMO."

Zombie Pooh

Reddit | JohnnyDebacle

I mean, the art is well-rendered, but imagine a child ending up behind this person on an escalator. Scarred for life.

Okay then.

Reddit | savage_Odul

This is just another example of something that comes off a bit weird. But it's also undeniably authentic to the weirdo who wrote the letter.

This looks like a cute little church at first glance.

Reddit | mk6jettadude

And then you realize that the congregation is made up of taxidermy squirrels and the cross is actually power lines. Choices were made.

Speaking of weird taxidermy, I give you the "punk rock duck."

Reddit | godsoftrash

I've found some very strange things in thrift stores, but this may be the weirdest. Whoever made it is weird, but the person who buys it is nuts.

Five stars.

Reddit | Kdial2002

New cushions for papasan chairs aren't so expensive that this sort of ingenuity is required.

Even if platform shoes come back into style, I can't get behind these.

Reddit | filemon147

What is the round thing in there? Is it just a weird design feature, or is it actually a ping ping ball that rolls around while you walk? My level of horror depends on this knowledge.

A place to rest when you're tired.

Reddit | andromedaastronaut

(I'll see myself out.)

I mean, this might be funny in the waiting room of an autoshop, but it can't possibly be comfortable.

Marketing 101.

Reddit | zEaTeM__

For the gamblers out there, this guy's sign had them at "Bet." I wonder if this guy ever gets people to say, "I'll show him and hit him with a dollar!"

Scout's honor?

Reddit | Shaneisaboss

Is this a loophole that can be exploited? Like, can you drive around with no plates, so long as you've taped up a piece of printer paper that swears you're heading to the DMV?

Sexy bigfoot is quite the look.

Reddit | t1mb0sl1ce

I wonder if the owner realizes it's Harry, from Harry and the Hendersons or just thinks it's a generic Sasquatch.

A novel way to get into the coronavirus scene.

Reddit | Hurtubeast

Yes, that's a giant coronavirus atop a vehicle covered in more pictures of it. Oh, and the vehicle is a Bug. Because of course it is.


Reddit | DrugLP

There isn't much happiness here, but hey, they're just expressing themselves. They've achieved the dream of finding someone to loathingly grow old with. At least their dog's happy.

It's a strong take.

Reddit | Golf3putt

There's some good stop sign banter here. I disagree with both takes, because certain animals are delicious, and also because barbecue sauce is not the be-all, end-all when it comes to seasoning.

Cursed spaghetti.

Reddit | volavolavolavola

This looks a lot like the meals I used to make when I moved out on my own for the first time. Basically, everything looked and tasted like it was made by a toddler.

There is no achievement too strange to get a statue.

Reddit | AssadGasUs

Rapid City, SD has the distinction of eating the most ground beef per capita. Sure, celebrate that. Just own it.

Those are real shells.

Reddit | XxHappyxX

What gets me is how otherwise boring this bathroom is. If you're going to get the crazy toilet seat, at least go all out on your theme.

The oil painting looks familiar.

Reddit | Apina2001

That's because it's the default wallpaper for Windows XP. Maybe this person just really likes PCs.

That's Murray for you.

Reddit | ChaosLexifer

In the ever-changing cold war between humans and their cats, sometimes it's necessary to publish propaganda. Cats may outflank us on nearly every front, but at least they can't read or write.


Reddit | rchrdp305

This group of college friends decided to express themselves by aping the way Hollywood stars Seth Rogen, Paul Rudd, Jonah Hill and Jason Segel expressed themselves for a magazine shoot.

He dressed as the antagonist.

Reddit | wj7_02

Dressing up as a bulldozer for a heavy equipment-themed costume party is totally on point. Dressing up as a bulldozer for a rainforest-themed party, as this guy did, is a very bold move.

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