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15+ Unlikely Sights That Got Our Attention

If you're a particularly jaded person, it might take a lot to rouse you out of your daily routine. But if you're the kind of person who stops to smell the roses every single time you're out of the house, you're tuned into the little differences that make life interesting.

Check out some of the less likely sights that captured our attention, and obviously somebody else's as well, because they thought they were interesting enough to grab a pic!

That's a keeper...I think.

Reddit | TastlyJewce

Personally, I'd rather let someone else get the 10,000th parking ticket in their city, but I guess if you have to get one, at least it's kind of an interesting slice.

This person's monstera plant grew a leaf as large as their monstera plant wall art.

Reddit | 256bit

Why have wall art of the same plant you actually have, and hang it right above the plant? That's the bigger mystery.

Is this like the bat signal but for tech support?

Reddit | jilzsta

Seriously though, what are the odds of seeing the Microsoft logo occur in real life, on your wall, from the light coming through your windows?

How often do you see such a neatly organized display of the little travel-size toiletries?

Reddit | Gridlocc

Folks, this is at a Walmart. A Walmart. Do they have new organizing robots to go with their inventory robots?

Will this inspire more people to scrutinize their ceilings?

Reddit | jazzyjandy

Probably not. Still, it's kind of cool, in an odd way, that someone noticed a perfectly cut star on their popcorn ceiling.

"Heard a popping noise from my drawer, an old iPhone I had in there seems to have exploded."

Reddit | MrReaps

Yikes! And here I thought it was more of a Samsung thing. So, maybe check to see where your old iPhones are, just in case.

A worker pulled a WWI bayonet out of a football pitch in Europe.

Reddit | MittenlessKitten

I simultaneously hope there's a more interesting story behind this than "someone dropped it," but not too interesting, like it ends up the focus of a serial killer podcast.

"This seagull stole my metro card," wrote the uploader.

Reddit | co1063

Makes you wonder if their fingers were greasy from eating fries before handling their metro card. Also, no word on whether they got their card back or not.

This bird took it another step, hitching a ride on a flight to Denver.

Reddit | Sweaty_Meerkat

So here's hoping the climate there isn't too harsh for its species. That could get bad quickly!

This is an "art" display at an animal hospital.

Reddit | AgainIGoUnnoticed

And we have to put "art" in quotes because this is all stuff they've pulled out of animals' stomachs. I kind of wish we could see in more detail what some of this stuff is, but I'm also a bit glad we can't.

This U.K. plug isn't a U.K. plug at all!

Reddit | jr_simon

Somebody cracked theirs open and discovered it was really a two-pin Europe plug sitting inside an adapter.

This is blood plasma, which is normally yellow.

Reddit | Ross_Broomrasp

Apparently it's not ridiculously uncommon for it to be green, however — apparently, some women's birth control can give their blood plasma a green tint.

This keychain glows because it contains a radioactive isotope of tritium.

Reddit | actually_iceman

Call me paranoid, I don't mind, but I would hesitate to put anything radioactive enough to give off light in my pocket.

I have important stuff in my pocket area.

There's something much different about this old wall.

Reddit | Alphaetho3

The bricks have worn down before the mortar — isn't it usually the other way around?

When you stop at this gas station, you're in slushie heaven.

Reddit | WinkleStinkle

If you're a big fan of flavorful syrups on crushed ice goo, you're in luck here. I've never seen so many in one place.

At this bar, the beer prices change regularly based on what's in demand.

Reddit | Thehurricane22

So they have a stock-ticker style price board so you can see what's going up in price and what's going down based on what others are and aren't ordering.

Now there's a promo that's up my alley.

Reddit | Intalleyvision

For some people, a 10% discount off milk wouldn't be enough incentive to shop in their bathrobes. For others, it's just another day anyway. Now, do they take checks?

Okay, that's an absolute beast of a French fry.

Reddit | mikkelfromthegalaxy

Who knows, maybe you could trade this bad boy for a metro card.

This lady has lashes for days because she was born with bonus lashes.

Reddit | nisambredli

"I have a condition caused distichiasis that causes my eyelashes to grow in multiple rows," she explained. Cool!

No, that's not a random drill hole in this person's floor.

Reddit | neco61

That is a piece of confetti that, so help me, would have me freaking out about have to fill a hole in my hardwood.

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