25 Levels of Savage We Should All Aim For In Life

It takes a certain kind of person to be a true savage — to say the things no one else will without caring about the consequences, to go beyond the normal scope of assholery, and grow those balls of steel that make a person into a cold-blooded badass. But this is not to say that we all can't achieve some amount of savagery in our own lives, and the next 16 individuals, dancing the fine line between cool and ruthless, are the ones to show us exactly how to do it!

1. We should all strive to be this grandma 

Twitter | @egs3

When you spend too long in the sun, Grandma starts throwing shade!

2. And this funeral home and their smoking hot marketing strategy 

Imgur | needfourletters

3. And this chemistry teacher who was sick of seeing students wearing improper footwear 

Instagmra | @aranjevi

4. And this mom who knows there's no such thing as too much honesty 

Twitter | @emmerson1528

5. That's a third-degree burn right there 

Imgur | MichaelMontreuil

6. Just something to remember her by 

Twitter | @_Breyonnn

Not all relationships last forever, but that stinging memory certainly will

7. There's probably no such thing as a tasteful Micheal Jackson joke...

Imgur | itsnohappenin

But sometimes they're just necessary

8. That burn was hotter than the sixth circle of hell

Imgur | Bsnow1400

Which, according to Dante, is where all the heretic atheists go!

9. The most dangerous thing a company can do is piss off the social media intern

Instagram | Instagram

Apparently, this guy didn't need the reference

10. There's no sense in deleting pictures you look good in...

Instagram | @qwerticorn

Just change the narrative up a bit

11. Grandma dropping the K-bomb!

Twitter | @LanghamLucas

The universal symbol for "we're done here."

12. Mom's synonym game is strong 

Tumblr | powerbythehour

13. All in all, I think we've learned that when striving to attain savagery, maybe all it takes it to become your mother!

Instagram | @legendhub

14. A retort so frosty I want to dip my fries in it 

reddit | T0XicGreif3r

15. In the game of savagery, size does not matter 

Imgur | MahoRhino

16. How many times do you wish you could send your boss a note like this about a coworker?

reddit | mazthrow

17. Another rejection done right 

Imgur | PaperPlanee

18. All the best friendships start out this way

Imgur | lordsmish

19. Nothing better than a savage who knows Photoshop 

Imgur | Fluffyyy

20. Today's lesson will be on how much I don't give a damn

reddit | MrMegaGamerz

21. She's probably right

Twitter | @YikYakApp

22. Dad just wanted fro you to have matching haircuts 

Imgur | happinessconsultant

And feel publicly humiliated

23. Lesson learned, don't mess with Lorde 

Imgur | happinessconsultant

24. Just stating the facts 

reddit | fizzybunghole

25. This makes me respect the law even more

Instagram | @king.postz