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Witty Quotes For People Who Are No Nonsense

There are people in this world who simply excel at taking zero nonsense, after all, life is too short to take nonsense when you really think about it! These are the sorts of people who always have a witty retort, or the kinds of people who would have been portrayed by James Dean back in the day!

Whether you're one of those people, or are aspiring to be one, then here are some witty quotes for people who are no nonsense for you to enjoy!

Don't Take Orders!

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You can just see a person saying this in a 70s action movie, spitting out their toothpick and taking off their aviator sunglasses before delivering the line.

Photographic Evidence

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Where's the fun in doing something that you weren't meant to if there isn't any proof that you did it! You surely need that evidence of your badassery to post online or why do i?!