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36 Deliciously Evil Things That Are At Least Funny To Us

Every now and then, we'll feel kinda bad for laughing at something.

Whether it's a headline that tickled us even though it kinda sucked for everyone involved or a meme that took things really far, we might find ourselves looking around as we chuckle at it.

Still, an evil laugh can feel really satisfying. And the things on this list can give us our fix without getting us into too much trouble.

1. From this, we can learn that sometimes it's OK to be the only one who's in on the joke.

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And even if this kid somehow notices what happened, it's not like the girl behind him can rat the culprit out with her eyes closed.

2. Well, if this person didn't like the joke they got, they should have asked for something more specific.

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And if the employee didn't think their insult was all that hilarious when they did it, they probably think it's a real laugh riot now. Good job.

3. Man, I'd love to be a fly on the wall for the panicked flailing that this would cause.

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And hey, at least they picked the one place where it's OK to literally have the crap scared out of you.

4. This is one of those cases where it's hard to tell if they did it on purpose or not.

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They might have just seen a convenient way to keep the package from falling over, but I've seen delivery drivers pull some evil stuff.


5. I just hope this guy was able to finish the whole set before he finally got caught.

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It's funny how the more you see someone get away with something sneaky, the easier it gets to kind of root for them.

6. Hmm, I wonder if the cop realized what was really going on before or after they called for backup.

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I think the mom's only saving grace was the fact that legs don't work that way. If we had weird toothpick joints, she'd be in jail.

7. I could be a total nerd about this, but I'm really just amazed they didn't get caught here.

Instagram | @thesavageposts

My teacher knew if another kid even glanced in my direction, but somehow both the phone and the whole network around it got by them?

8. It really is hard to pick a favorite part of this whole saga.

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Is it that savage little dig at the end of the first message — the "hugs and kisses" — or that Brittany wrote "lol," or the fact that dude's just letting this ride?

9. The last World Cup was a while ago, but trust me, sneaking the German flag into this cake was mean as hell.

Instagram | @wot_u_sayin_tho

I'm sure dude "just happened" to be standing behind a few other people when his friend started cutting it.

10. I'm kind of torn on this one because part of me says "ouch," but the other part wouldn't like answering this either.

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If someone's calling me that late, I'm assuming they're in the middle of an emergency that's a little heavier than "I can't sleep."

11. Hey, when the going gets tough, sometimes you have to get your hustle on like this.

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At the same time, I think it's only fair that each account should involve putting together a new disguise like Snoop here. We can't make things too easy.

12. Haha, I can't fault this guy because people who try shady things with us should expect to get scammed right back.

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And when that type of war is on, there's no victory more satisfying than getting an angry message in all caps.

13. Yikes, I'm glad my friends were a little more attentive the last time something like this happened to me.

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I think if I'm at the "hovering over a cup" stage, I'm gonna need a little more than "there, there."

14. Considering how much clown fear is going around right now, I can't be surprised by how empty this street is.

Instagram | Instagram

In horror movies, people form little posses to investigate this stuff, but in real life, they just nope all the way out of there.

15. The savagery of this one really depends on who got here first.

Instagram | @meme.w0rld

Otherwise, this is just poor planning on the part of whoever put this Weight Watchers here. It's like putting a coulrophobia support group next to a clown college.

And now you know what coulrophobia is.

16. Cats have evil down so well that sometimes they don't have to do anything at all.

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They know exactly what they're doing. I got my first cat a little while ago and I'm learning that I always need to be looking over my shoulder.

17. Replacing hand sanitizer with personal lubricant is next level evil.

Reddit | LetterExperiment230

It's fun to watch how long they try to rub it in and not kill most germs, all at once!

18. If you're going to be a troll, be a mouse troll with a great sense of humor.

Imgur | SubKuLT

The Nicolas Cage touch is on point and a very important part of this prank.

19. Whatever this woman did, I'm sure it justified having her car surrounded with shopping carts.

Reddit | nomdeweb

Am I the only one who would have loved to see her reaction to this prank?

20. Become a chair cushion, it's a really funny prank to pull on unsuspecting strangers just trying to get comfortable.

Reddit | broseph1299

Really though, how do you not know that you're sitting on another human?

21. This girlfriend of one very "lucky" guy might be a little insane, but we're loving it.

Reddit | GallowBoob

Run dude! Run for your life! She said she gave you this shirt as a joke, but this has bad news written all over it.

22. The person who posted the sign on the right is twisted.

Reddit | SamMee514

While some out there like bringing people together to enjoy wholesome nostalgic activities, others would rather spoil the fun and wreak havoc on the world. We're just here to watch.

23. Whoever brought these to the lunch room knows just how deliciously evil they really are.

Instagram | @myfavoritedailythings

Not only does this person want to see all their coworkers struggle with spice, they also don't use the proper "they're" on the post-it note. Just the worst.

24. This evil individual is hoarding the best piece.

Reddit | yayalorde

I'll give them credit for slicing an almost perfect triangle piece from the center, but ruining everyone else's pizza experience is straight up unforgivable.

25. Whoever filled this candy machine...why?

Reddit | BridgetteBane

Let's play a game: you put in some change, get a random candy coated ball of sugar and see if your teeth survive the initial bite. This is some Saw level stuff.

26. An evil genius made this Lego display.

Reddit | bellomiss

We all the know the joke about stepping on Lego, but this just takes it to a sinister new level. Also, the number of bare feet I imagine crossing it grosses me out.

27. Whoever served this to their guests clearly doesn't know a thing about delicious.

Reddit | ivanol55

I know there're a lot of people who think putting pineapple on pizza is the best way to ruin it, but I'm definitely a fan of a nice slice of Hawaiin. This, I'll pass on though.

28. Ooh, the worst part is he knows exactly what he's doing.

Instagram | @memelif3

That's when the guy behind stands up so he can see, effectively blocking the person behind him, and it turns into one big chain.

29. So I guess the ends justify the means here? 

Instagram | @will_ent

If this were my child, I would have approved of these stranger's actions. Anything to keep them in one spot, right?

30. As if it wasn't hard enough to stick to a diet.

Instagram | @tank.sinatra

Also, I had no idea that cauliflower being ripe was a thing. Did anyone else? Have I been doing it wrong my whole life?

31. I guess the line between unbothered and cold-blooded ain't always so clear.

Instagram | Instagram

Well, okay. I think in this case, it's pretty clear. The Cheetos are saying it all here.

32. As somebody who frequently sits in the passenger seat and doesn't drive...

Instagram | @nochill

This is me. This is so me it hurts. You want to know the best part? I'm not even sorry.

33. I wonder if she thinks he added the filter to make him look alluring and mysterious.

Instagram | @god.of.appleysauce

I guess it'll just be our little secret that it makes it way easier to convince people that jackets are bedding.

34. Well, I guess we now know the reason why this mug is so cheap.

Instagram | @b0mbtweets

Although, it would be a real bargain for someone who's trying to make their friends paranoid. That sort of feeling is priceless for the kind of person I don't wanna meet.

35. Aww, somebody found their first opportunity for a joyride!

Instagram | @wot_u_sayin_tho

I guess it's good that he did this early, so his mom can prepare for when he can actually reach the pedals.

36. Skittles, Reese's Pieces, and M&Ms — mixing good things together has never resulted in anything bad.

Reddit | stopthemadness2015

You might all be lining up to give me examples, but those weren't bad, they were just misunderstood. Yes, even the pizza with the melted ice cream on it.

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