12 Intriguing Images For A New Day

By now, you're probably thinking about taking a break from work to clear your mind and start fresh. The internet has no shortage of fascinating pictures of our world, and I've dug through the deepest parts of the interwebs to get you what you need. I bet you haven't seen these pictures before...
Here are 24 intriguing images to make your day a little more interesting.
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1. Someone found this man playing Johnny Cash from inside a trash can. 

Reddit | Forwhomitmay

2. This diamond steel plate was worn down over time at an amusement park. 

Reddit | TheDukeofEarlGrey

3. This butterfly with partially transparent wings. 

Reddit | catnews_

4. The skull of a young girl who was buried around 400BC with a ceramic wreath. 

Reddit | S-WordoftheMorning

5. This amazing shot of a frog mid-jump. 

Reddit | CuteRedditLurker

6. Someone's Coke was double-canned!

Reddit | Lysergic_Dreamz

7. A giant kitty paw.

ArthurJMunoz | ArthurJMunoz

8. This person found two Megalodon shark teeth on the beach.

Reddit | LurkerMcLurkerton

9. This colorized photograph of Abraham Lincoln that puts you right into a different era. 

Reddit | marinamaral

10. This mug that has a mustache guard on it. 

Reddit | Trashcancomic

11. This model neighborhood inside of a repurposed stadium.

Reddit | gumzilla

12. This perfect shot that a photographer was able to capture. 

Reddit | Thebesttech

13. What the underside of a US warship looks like. 

Reddit | treyeverson

14. This beautiful panther hanging out on part of a tree. 

Reddit | SimplicityWalrus

15. A picture of Neil Armstrong making pizza only months before he took a trip to the moon in 1969.

Reddit | Reporter_at_large

16. This perfectly symmetrical lemon. 

RocketPawnch | RocketPawnch

17. This place's address. 

Reddit | MilkVC

18. These two trees that eventually started growing together. 

Reddit | Alicatscat

19. This tree that has a very interesting pattern inside. 

Reddit | diyfail

20. What an owl actually looks like under all those feathers. 

Reddit | jaden6r6r

21. 13 years of wearing this ring has dramatically changed the shape of her finger. 

Reddit | mightbesloth

22. A cyclist's legs after completing a stage at the Tour de France. 

Reddit | Ayy_2_Brute

23. This unopened box of crayons that is very orange heavy. 

Reddit | hogwartshonorroll

24. This guy that has an iPhone slot in his headphones. 

Reddit | daggamouf