12 Girls Slay In Their Mothers' Vintage Dresses For Prom


Some of my mom's fashion sense is... a bit outdated. But then again, some of the things she wore I would kill to have in my closet now.

One item in particular is her wedding dress. It's simple but so flowy and elegant. She doesn't understand why I would want to wear it at my own wedding one day, but I think it's absolutely beautiful. I think I also want to feel a deeper connection with her by sharing a dress.

These following girls must have felt the same way because they all rocked their mothers' prom dresses. Some fashion never goes out of style, and these ladies prove it.

1. Mom wore this dress in 1986.

Instagram | @cicelylp

It may be a little different but it is still awesome! I love the funky design plus if I tried to wear it I'd probably look like I wrapped myself up in old wrapping paper.

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2. 1981 compared to 2013.

Instagram | @devin.van.patter

A few minor changes but still a lovely dress! She even looks like her mom. Girl I wish I had the legs to pull this look off.

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3. This daughter recreated her mom's senior pics.

Instagram | @lyssyroo14

The originals are from 1994. They both look so good! I hate that they can both rock a color that makes me look like a washed out grape.

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4. I can't decide who wore it better!

Instagram | @dancer3maddie

Maybe mom just has great fashion sense. But red certainly is a great color. Dang ladies, this family is filled with babes!

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5. She's slaying!

Facebook | Hope Buzzell

Mom wore the dress first for a USMC ball in 1995. Now her daughter wore it to prom after just a few adjustments. Yas queen!

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6. Old wedding dress?

Reddit | obsessedwithmydog

You can do anything with it! What a great look! Whenever I try to wear a popped collar I look like my neck has melted into my shoulders. Killing it!

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7. It's super cute!

Imgur | iheartnpr

Mom and daughter both suit this dress so well. I'd probably looking like a drowning black swan if I tried to wear this.

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8. These pictures were taken 25 years apart.

Imgur | ChristineHMcConnell

Both mom and daughter are the same age in these images rocking the same dress. How do they manage to pull off such intense looks? I'd resemble a cardinal whose wings are too big for it.

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9. She pulls it off so well!

Facebook | Mindy Miner

Some dresses you may not think will work in the 21st century. Then you see pics like this! I don't want to even imagine how I'd butcher this dress should I put it on.

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10. Okay, this dress is so so cute.

Facebook | Donna Thurau-Smith

Definitely proof fashion never goes out of style. While they look like elegant mermaids I'd probably look more like a fish flopping around on land.

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11. I would totally wear this dress.

Facebook | Tiffani-Ayn Arnold

The collar is so elegant! Gorgeous! Can these girls stop looking so amazing while I look like a stale loaf of bread?

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12. Only thing better than this dress?

Facebook | Bekah Hancox

How adorable both couples are! She really takes after her mother. I give up, these ladies and their dresses are perfect, I can only dream of being as fabulous as them.

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13. This daughter totally took a 90's aesthetic to her mom's prom dress and I'm loving it!

Instagram | @momneedscoffee

Her mom wrote, "My daughter wore the same dress to her Winter Formal tonight that I wore to my Prom in 1997! So surreal to see her in my old dress, and I love how she made it her own! So beautiful!"

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14. This daughter kept the same edge her mom originally did, but added a modern touch with her nails and fresh makeup look!

Instagram | @sewmuchazucar

So adorable! Love this dress, btw.

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15. This mother-daughter duo look nearly identical almost 20 years later!

Instagram | @mjrychlik

With the addition of straps and a new satin belt, this dress is good as new!

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16. This gorgeous blue gown has clearly stood the test of time!

Instagram | @m_lee_0.0.1

It looks like this dress was made just for both these women! How magical?!

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17. Amazing how a change of accessories can transform a dress and make it look trendy again!

Twitter | @hanuaryjournings

Loving this gown in both pics though, tbh.

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18. Not only did this daughter wear the same dress as her mom, she attended the same high school as her, as well!

It's like a very beautiful, very glamorous deja-vu!

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19. I'm surprised how ahead of the trend this mom was! This looks like something you could find today on Fashion Nova or Lulu's!

Facebook | Lanika Saunders

They both look so stunning in it, too!

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20. This mom is so proud of her daughter's choice to wear her dress!

Instagram | @charlaboyett

"The pic of me in the dress was taken in 1993," she wrote.

"I’d say it held up well! Never in my wildest dreams did I think tori would ask to wear it to her prom, 1993/2019."

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21. This daughter didn't stop at just the retro dress!

Why just wear your mom's prom dress when you can replicate her hair, jewels and makeup too!

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22. This one dress has seen four different proms with four different ladies over the course of five decades.

Facebook | Bev Tippett

Bev Tippet, the daughter of the original owner wrote this on her Facebook, "First worn in 1962 - last worn in 2013. Mother, two daughters and one grand daughter."

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23. This daughter got to wear her mothers wedding reception dress for her prom!

Twitter | @megan_vo_

I am so obsessed with this beautiful shade of red! Equally as stunning on the mother and the daughter.

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24. This dress is truly TIMELESS, still stylish 20 years later!

Facebook | Deanna Williamson Stella

Proud mom Deanna wrote "My daughter wore my gown to a friends senior prom that I wore for my sister in law's wedding 20 years ago!"

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25. Palm Beach prom was never the same!

Facebook | Maya Rosenberg

1989 is like, super in right now, didn't you know?

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26. The gold, beaded straps on this dress are so beyond stunning.

Twitter | @jda130

This dress looks equally as beautiful on both of these women!

We love good genes!

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27. The SAUCE served in both these pics is to die for, tbh.

Facebook | Jolynn Galdamez-Mckey

Mom Jolynn wrote, "1993 that's me on the left and 23 years later, my daughter on the right [wore] the same thing for her prom 2017. I'm happy she likes my style!"

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28. I'm impressed with the dress, but even more impressed it stayed so white 30 years later!

Facebook | Lynne Ellen Lopez

The lace detail peaking out from the back of the gown is so elegant and timeless!

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29. S L A Y A L L D A Y

Facebook | Tiffany Sims

I love that this mother and daughter duo can both equally rock this outrageous, over the top prom dress.

SO iconic.

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30. Not many people can pull off such a bold red, but both mother and daughter look PERFECT in the shade!

Facebook | Brad Groves

What makes this post even sweeter? It was the dad who payed homage on social media to his wife and daughter rocking the same dress! "My wife and I (1997) prom, our daughter (2017) prom, same dress!" he wrote.

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31. This mother and daughter sharing the same gorgeous, retro prom dress 24 years apart!

Facebook | Paige Thompson Hart

We love that this dress kicks it in the 60's and the 80's!

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32. "Prom 1980 something... Prom 2016.... Dress sewn with love by mom."

Twitter | @BarbAlynWoods

Two beautiful blondes sharing one beautiful berry gown!

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33. From 1990 to 2015, this dress suits both mother and daughter perfectly.

Twitter | @BissyBun

With a quick change of accessories, this gown was good as new!

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"Amy and I 2003, Tori and I 2016. Tori has always said she wanted to wear Mom's dress for her Senior Prom, Mission complete."

Facebook | Matt Kostos

Aw, how precious!

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