YouTube | Living Big In A Tiny House

Couple Turns Old Railway Car Into Vintage-Chic Tiny Home

The idea of living in tiny and unique spaces is definitely spreading everywhere. People are renovating old school busses into liveable spaces and using stackable storage containers.

Now there's a couple who decided to turn an old, WWII-era rail car into a stunning vintage-chic tiny home. You won't believe how amazing it looks inside and out. Just take a look at this:

Dan and Annabel from Colorado are both artists.

So, it's no surprise that when they saw this vintage WWII rail car, they immediately thought of doing something cool with it.

They decided to turn it into an amazing tiny space to live in.

They've kept much of the old school charm of this carriage but make it liveable inside.

They did some major exterior modification to the roof in order to allow light to shine into the home.

The stepped-up roof also added spaciousness and height inside the space.

This couple put a lot of thought into the interior design of the carriage in order for it to feel authentic with the exterior charm it already had.

They definitely embraced the vintage feel of the car!

But, of course, they needed to make sure the place had all the amenities just like a regular home.

Just get a load of this amazing old-school-looking bathroom.

In addition, there's a sizeable kitchen because everybody needs a good place to eat.

Plus, a cozy bed to spend their nights in, all with an irresistible charm!

I don't think anyone would guess just by looking at this picture that this was the interior or a tiny railroad carriage house.

YouTube | Living Big In A Tiny House

It looks just like a regular home.

These guys spared no details when it came to making this tiny space their home.

YouTube | Living Big In A Tiny House

They even created this amazing ceiling to add more charm to this space.

I gotta say these tiny home ideas are starting to really grow on me.

This is a wonderful way to find a way to live with nature and repurpose things.