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14+ People Who Gave Us Second-Hand Embarrassment

Dan 24 Feb 2020

Second-hand embarrassment has always existed. It skyrocketed when America's Funniest Videos hit the airwaves. Now, in the age of social media, it's reached its absolute pinnacle.

1. No.

Reddit | BlazingIgnus64

I can look past the Ronald McDonald socks, but I can't look past the fact that these Crocs have shoelaces on them. Shoelaces that are labelled 'shoelaces'.

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2. M'lady.

Reddit | AlpacaPowerrr

Fedoras are great if you're a balding man from the 50's and take your fashion cues from Mad Men, but they don't look great if they're accompanied by an old t-shirt. They look even worse in this context.

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3. Nightmare fuel.

Reddit | BlueCoastalElite

On one hand, if you have a septic tank, this is easy money. Then again, do you really want to have to reach out and make contact with this guy?

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4. Yeah, that's not gonna work.

Reddit | alecsleigh

7-Up over vanilla ice cream makes for a delicious ice cream float. 7-Up with milk is a monstrous-sounding cocktail that the beverage maker once insisted would actually taste good.

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5. Press F to pay respects.

Reddit | BlueCoastalElite

This guy's beard ran afoul of a power tool. Say what you will about uber-long beards, they take months and months to grow. You can feel the regret in his face.

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6. Your grandfather was a movie star?

Reddit | Wobzy

Because absolutely nothing is sacred on the internet, this guy tried to doctor a still image from Saving Private Ryan and pass it off as his grandfather for internet points.

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7. They knew what they were doing.

Reddit | OliverMarkusMalloy

This novelty Spider-Man cup might look cool (actually, it might look uncool as well), but it was designed to punish anyone who thinks that drinking out of it is a good idea.

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8. Cannot unsee.

Reddit | dieselbluu

A lot of people derisively call these little doggos "rat dogs", which seems kind of mean. After seeing their weird shaven feet though, the comparison makes a little more sense.

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9. Does not compute.

Reddit | HibblyWibbly

Being a good example to your children, or your hypothetical future children, is an admirable goal. But there's something about this whole scenario that just doesn't work.

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10. Anatoli Smorin.

Reddit | PersephoneComfortInn

This is one of my favorite images of all time. Looks like the game developers took the names of random Russians and random baseball players, switched some consonants around, and called it a day.

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11. NASA in shambles.

Reddit | PermaBannedBefore

This seems to be some kind of hybrid flat Earth believer/moon landing denier. It's an interesting take, I suppose, but I've definitely seen that rock reflecting light a few thousand times in my life.

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12. Do you have another washroom?

Reddit | MelPagNosy

Carpet on the floor, for some reason? Check. Landline on the wall, for some reason? Check. It really checks all the boxes for worst washroom of all time.

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13. Math is hard.

Reddit | darthman156

Math is hard, but only when you go past basic multiplication. I'm terrible at math, but let's try this: seven quarters a week is $1.75, so that's like...a hundred thousand dollars a year/

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14. Every week.

Reddit | Anthonyraym122

This sign, and accompanying soggy towel, was found in a campus washroom. It must feel great to spend thousands of dollars in tuition while having to deal with this.

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15. This Bud's for you.

Reddit | ProfessahTigah

I'm not going to make the obvious boomer joke about Budweiser already being water. I am going to judge them harshly for pulling stuff like this, though.

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16. Loyalty.

Reddit | precision_guesswork3

I like my old-school iPod and Pike Place roast just as much as the next person, but this is just a bad look. What do you do when they change their logos?

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17. Put it out of its misery.

Reddit | Terom84

Sometimes you make a meal with the best of intentions, only to wind up with a plate full of something that looks like it wants to be dead.

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18. Takes up no floor space.

Reddit | robertjames70001

I can almost see what the store owner was going for here. The floor is cramped, and there's a great place to hang stuff. If they'd just hung stuff, and not mannequins, it would have all been good.

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19. When hot dogs are life.

Reddit | streamsniperrrr

We've all seen the meme about making ice cubes out of hot dog water for people you don't like. I suppose this travesty just takes that impulse to its logical conclusion.

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20. Spot on.

Reddit | headintheceiling

Characters from Peanuts aren't exactly realistic looking. I guess that's why this shot of the cast of The Today Show dressed as Charlie Brown and the company looks so disturbing.

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21. Sick ink, bro.

Reddit | Kaydub96

If this kid had just the most basic working knowledge of PhotoShop, he might be able to convince people that his tats were real. Maybe they are real, but they just don't follow the contours of his body.

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22. See you in divorce court.

Reddit | [deleted]

This is kind of a mean photo to take in the first place, and commemorating it with a tattoo (that gives his poor wife about six chins) is truly a jerk move.

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23. That escalated quickly.

Reddit | IHateGnippaf

This guy's racking up respectable view counts, which is something at least. Hopefully he gets paid well enough by YouTube to afford decent meds for his UTI.

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24. Final boss.

Reddit | uhhsamurai

There's a lot to unpack with this outfit. I appreciate the fact that his vest and mask match each other, but it begs the obvious question of why he's wearing a mask in the first place.

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25. Time to give thanks.

Reddit | thundercawkbrody

I'm amazed at how good-humored this guy's family seems to be. If a family member ever sits down to dinner with one of these pillows, I'm not sure if I'll consider them a family member anymore.

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26. It was a weird time.

Reddit | Master1718

At one point in time, Beanie Babies were a seriously big deal. Evidently they were important enough that this couple had to divvy up their collection on the courtroom floor during their divorce case.

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27. Speaking of the 90s.

Reddit | Carlitoisloko

Another weird 90's trend was Teletubbies, basically an alien version of Peppa Pig. This kid was lucky (?) enough to meet his favorite 'tubby, Scarface...I mean, Laa-Laa.

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28. Thanks I guess?

Reddit | potatoesRbrown

It could be worse, right?

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29. Cool.

Reddit | mojo111067

Why did she have to tell everyone she's a vegan every five minutes? Why is this tattoo so big and misshapen, even in the context of face tattoos?

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30. Shots fired.

Reddit | enraged768

I've never seen one in person, but I love fast food signs put up by fed up managers. I think this one's a parting shot at someone who got fired for handing out too much fire sauce.

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