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Michael Bublé Performs For Gorillas Who Are His Biggest Fans

Michael Bublé is one of the greatest singers in the world, even though you might recognize his songs as covers.

No one seems to mind though, they just appreciate his lovely smooth voice.

But humans aren't the only ones that appreciate the musician's tones!

After all these years, Michael Bublé finally went to meet his fans in Victoria, Australia.

They had been listening to his music for years, and now it was finally time to meet the man behind those dulcet tones they love so much.

And so, Bublé travelled to the Werribee Open Range Zoo.

YouTube | Zoos Victoria

Where he met some of his biggest fans: a group of Gorillas.

Apparently, the zoo tends to play Bublés music for the apes on occasion. And, just like their human relatives...

They love it.

YouTube | Zoos Victoria

The zookeeper assumes it's because Michael Bublé's voice sounds like a Gorilla's "pleasure grunt".

So Michael did what he does best, and sang Christmas songs to the Gorillas.

And they were definitely into it.

They were running around a bunch, but their faces didn't look all that excited.

Maybe that's just how gorillas look.