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12+ People Who Found A Way To Get Everybody's Eyes On Them

When a lot of people stand out from the crowd, they do so in a way that others can have a hard time understanding.

While there's something inherently satisfying about accomplishing something you've never seen anyone do before, it can be a little frustrating when nobody else can see what jumps out so clearly to you.

Of course, these trailblazers in life tend to get their recognition eventually and the ideas that seemed so outlandish when they first tried them out can seem like things we should've been doing for years.

So if you go through this list and find something that really speaks to you, you'll be able to say you recognized a good thing before anyone else did.

1. I'm not sure why Winnie the Pooh seems like he's about to eat Piglet's head, but the results are admittedly pretty metal.

Reddit | JohnnyDebacle

I also don't know how I feel about turning sweet, innocent Pooh Bear into a stitched up juggernaut, but I guess our childhoods are the sacrifice we have to make in the name of art sometimes.

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2. I've seen some pretty crazy mods on cars, but it takes a special kind of left-field thinking to find one that makes the car harder to use.

Reddit | ALateNightBrowser

Sure, it'll probably be fairly interesting to see how this driver gets in and out of this thing, but I'm more interested in seeing what happens when they turn.

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3. I can only imagine how long it took to actually put this thing together.

Reddit | chocolat_ice_cream

And as if making this armor wasn't already an impressive feat, the fact that he was able to get here without popping any of them is just as outstanding.

Did he cover himself in bubble wrap or something?

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4. This guy didn't just cleverly put himself in front of a pipe. That's really what his hat looks like.


If Doug Dimmadome, owner of Dimmsdale Dimmadome had a 10-gallon hat, I'm not sure I'd even want to guess how many gallons are in this guy's wearable skyscraper.

Let me just say those are two words I never thought I'd have to put together.

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5. When you're about to have an operation, it helps to have a little extra comfort and it seems the nurses knew that too.

Reddit | blinkytoo

So even though it would be hard not to find it a little distracting to have double Homers staring at you while you're working, the only thing they asked the patient to do was put these net masks over the heads.

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6. If this person wants to be renowned for having the fanciest toilet around, I'm happy to say that they've succeeded.

Reddit | XxHappyxX

Not only is it surprisingly pretty to look at, but they actually put even more effort into this than it may seem.

By that, I mean that all the seashells you see in this design are real.

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7. I'd have loved to hear how this guy even got this idea, but I can definitely see him stealing the focus at this wedding.

Reddit | Sanoj_153

That said, if you asked someone whether they'd rather have a guest propose at their wedding or do this, they'd probably still pick this.

So he's got that going for him, at least.

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8. This person was apparently inspired to invent a hairstyle called the Kraken and I'm not going to pretend not to love it.

Reddit | DemonWithATorch

There's some risk here because I can see the masts on that ship getting tangled in there eight ways to Sunday, but the aesthetic here is absolutely real.

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9. I don't want to imagine how much work it must have taken to do this, but it's seriously adorable.

Reddit | BrainSlugParty3000

Granted, this would probably be a nightmare to drive what with the turtle head blocking so much of the windshield, but I'll happily exchange insurance information with whoever hits me with turtle bug here.

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10. Those who don't have a difficult-to-explain love for Philadelphia Flyers mascot Gritty might not get this one, but the level of absurdity here makes it a perfect tribute.

Reddit | barbershreds

In case you're wondering, yes, this statue is made entirely of butter.

And if you're wondering whether I even like hockey, I'm afraid that would still make too much sense as far as my affinity for Gritty is concerned.

I don't. At all.

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11. This may seem similar to every photo that makes us roll our eyes when we go on LinkedIn, but the difference here is an important one.

Reddit | technowimp

BMW owners may not exactly have a sterling reputation, but that Spongebob watch inspires a lot of hope that we won't see this guy's car double parked by a hydrant.

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12. Somebody obviously wanted to express themselves through their cat and the cat is obviously thrilled about it.

Reddit | whiteniteee

I'd like to think it's wondering how putting wigs on it counts as self-expression, but it's more likely that it would really say something like, "Get this off me or you're gonna catch these claws" if it could talk.

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13. I've got to hand it to them, this one gave me a chuckle.

Reddit | Greyboxforest

Also, it's small enough that I might not have ever noticed it before, but I actually don't recall ever seeing a church sign with an ellipsis in it until now.

It's a nice touch.

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14. This is less an effort to stand out and more of an oddly practical solution, but it still makes an impression.

Reddit | Anna_Banananana

Apparently, this young woman's muscles are feeling sore today, but her shower doesn't really work as a bathtub.

Nonetheless, she was able to take a soothing bath by climbing into this plastic bin. Now the only question is how she's going to get out.

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15. This definitely seems like an idea that one sly entrepreneur has been waiting a long time to bring to life.

Reddit | jack3chu

And after enough candidates end up disappointing us, it's incredibly hard not to feel the same way.

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