18+ People Who Should’ve Known What They Were In For

Dan 22 Feb 2020

Sometimes it feels like you only get what you deserve when the thing you're getting is bad. Nevertheless, we gamely go on, confident that eventually we'll find our pot of gold, even if it's more likely to be a pot of garbage.

1. Point taken.

Reddit | sheeprcrazy

This is one of those signs that's intended as a joke. Probably 99 percent of the people who buy it see it the same way. But it could also appeal to murderers, just sayin'.

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2. Story of his life.

Reddit | orangeblue3

"We told our 5'4" friend who was pumping gas to quickly turn around for a picture," writes the person who posted this pic, adding, "He didn't see the sign."

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3. When life gives you snow.


Anyone who lives somewhere cold knows that the great outdoors doubles as a giant fridge during the winter months. But this custom-made window fridge takes things to a new level.

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4. It never ends.

Reddit | iccculus

If you looked at this pic and thought it looked like the supplies for a bachelorette party, you'd be absolutely right. I wonder when penis-themed everything became the official aesthetic of these parties.

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5. Good one.

Reddit | jack3chu

I like this because it's vague and hokey enough to apply to any political system. It's timeless, like making a generic joke about "those fat cats down in Washington".

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6. Crikey.

Reddit | jacka24

The Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin, is no longer with us, and his family is doing the Hollywood things. That means that in Australia, without croc hunters to keep them in line, crocodiles are getting disturbingly big.

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7. Don't lose your head over it.

Reddit | Mike_AKA_Mike

This is somewhat funny, but it also serves as a warning to anyone who's even considering some shady traffic maneuvers. Cut this driver off in traffic and they'll cut you freakin' head off.

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8. Safety first.

Reddit | l_ambert

Either this photo from a United Airlines flight shows a bunch of people hilariously trying to protect themselves from coronavirus, or they'll all on their way to a cut-rate Tron cosplay convention.

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9. Thematically appropriate.

Reddit | wrangler04

This restaurant used to be a post office, so the washroom signs here are on point. It might get a bit confusing when it's time to actually receive mail, though.

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10. Wrong answers.

Reddit | valentinedayeveryday

If you're a business owner and your employees hate you, this is really the only way to guarantee rave reviews when they quit.

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11. Chosen one, you are.

Reddit | SanePsycho82

Messing with Nativity scenes is a tradition almost as old as Christmas itself. If you live in a house with Nativity-sized Yoda figurines, you're just asking for stuff like this.

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12. That's a bit rude.

Reddit | arcanophile

I'd excuse this as a simple typo, but R and L are nowhere near one another on the keyboard. I think someone at the pharmacy was just having an angry day.

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13. When life gives you flooding...

Reddit | PpelTaren

In Uppsala, Sweden, massive flooding wreaked havoc with the city's metro system. But for those who just wanted a new water park to chill at, the timing couldn't have been better.

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14. Drink not found.

Reddit | derpiederpslikederp

I hope the 404 slot never gets stocked. I mean, it doesn't even make sense for a 404 code to actually give you what you're looking for.

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15. Inspirational.

Reddit | jgmacky

There are a million sappy family movies about pets finding their way home. I have no time for these movies. But the story seen in this headline? That's a gritty reboot I'd actually watch.

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16. A tub's a tub.

Reddit | Anna_Banananana

Anyone who's ever lived someone with a shower, but no bath, knows how frustrating it is when you just want to soak in the tub. This solution isn't elegant, but it works.

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17. That's what you get for camping.

Reddit | I_Am_Batgirl

Everyone knows that campers in tents are basically like Pop Tarts for hungry bears. The event described here just takes things to their logical extreme.

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18. Any volunteers?

Reddit | Lucky_Lucas_

This slide could be a bit larger, but it succinctly calls out anti-vaxxers on their BS. In case you can't quite make it out, it reads, "Now is your chance to go to China and prove us all wrong."

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19. Love is literally blind.

Reddit | DownwindDonkey

Yes, this is a blind guy proposing to his fiancee. I mean, so long as he believes she's standing there, there's no point in bursting his bubble.

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20. Don't read too much into it.

Reddit | MostFlavorfulBond

This toddler picked out a card for his uncle because he loved the visual of a hot dog with a candle on it. That's cute. Let's just hope he isn't able to read yet.

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