'Onward's' First LGBTQ Character Makes Disney Animation History

What a huge moment for the LGBTQ community.

After all these years, all the characters that were merely implied LGBTQ, or some that fans would just give a label to, after all that, the LGBTQ finally gets someone they can identify with.

What a historical moment, what a historical movie.


So if you're thinking of seeing Onward, it's probably best that you go and see the movie now.

Then, return to your computer and start from where you left off.

So, the character in question is named Officer Specter, and she is voiced by openly gay writer and actress Lena Waithe.


She, unfortunately, doesn't kiss another girl on screen or anything.

But just wait.

She does mention that she has a girlfriend!


It's complicated, but at one point the main characters transform themselves into their mom's boyfriend, who is also a cop (weird, I know).

As their mom's boyfriend, they talk about how hard it is to be trying to enter into a family.

How his girlfriend's (the mom) kids (the main characters) are giving him strife.


And that's when Officer Specter mentions that her: “girlfriend’s daughter” does the same thing with her.

And you know what, it may not be much, but heck it's much more than Disney has given the LGBTQ for years.

How exciting!