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Robert Pattinson's Full Batsuit Revealed In New Set Photos

There has been nothing but hype for this movie over the last couple of months.

And now, we're going to generate even more, because we finally get to see the Batsuit.

We're finally going to know what Robert Pattinson's Batman is going to look like. Oh, the suspense is killing me!

The reactions to Robert Pattinson being Batman were initially, not good.

Can you blame Norm Kelly though?

Most of us only know him from Twilight, which um... Let's be charitable and say it wasn't as good as we all remember, alright?

But his friends, and a lot of people, defended him:


We were skeptical ourselves at first, but then we saw The Lighthouse and we were on board for the Robert Pattinson Batman Movie.

He was brilliant in that movie (and snubbed by The Oscars, frankly).

We have been waiting for this movie for quite some time now.

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The Robert Pattinson Batman movie (actually called The Batman, but come on, you know we call it the RPBM) has been on our collective minds for months now, and it has been exhausting.

And before we get into the batsuit in all of its glory, let's look at a quick recap of what we know about the movie so far.

There is quite a bit of detail on it already, and it is making fans more and more excited for the movie.

How about the plot?


On September 11th, 2019, it was revealed that the plot was going to be about a bunch of mysterious murders going on in Gotham and Batman/Bruce Wayne being tasked to solve them.

A lot of fans are wondering if this means that Joaquin Phoenix's Joker will make an appearance.


However, that would create a massive plot hole in the age difference represented in Joker, so chances are, probably not.

But hey! There are other villains!


Oh yes, around the same time there were musings that a woman of color would play Catwoman.

That prophecy came true soon after, revealing that Zoƫ Kravitz would be playing the on-again-off-again lover of the Caped Crusader.

When she debuted her cropped hair for the role, fans really started to see the resemblance to Catwoman.

Plus, her acting skills, which she puts on full display in Big Little Lies, have fans feeling very content with her casting.

There were rumors Jonah Hill would have a role in the movie.

A lot of people thought he would either play The Riddler or The Penguin.

However, news broke that put those rumors to bed pretty quick.

Because Paul Dano is going to be playing The Riddler.


Which will be interesting to see.

It's going to be interesting to see a serious Riddler, as the last one we saw on the big screen was played by the goofy as heck Jim Carrey.

And as for The Penguin, the casting directors went with a choice that surprised people.


It was revealed later that Colin Farrell would be playing the next Penguin, or was at least in talks to become the villain.

Some people were skeptical, but that was until we saw some leaked photos.

They revealed the actor would, in fact, not only be taking the role of the orphaned Cobblepot, but that he had actually started filming the role as well.

So that was exciting.

As for Pattinson, he's already started doing press surrounding the movie.

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We all kind of assumed that he took the role because "it's Batman," but he had a much more sophisticated answer.

Mostly, he took it because he wanted to surprise us as an audience.

And former Batman, Christian Bale, gave the actor some advice on playing the crusader.

He told Pattinson that he should make sure that he is able to "pee by himself" because, apparently, nothing makes you feel like less of a hero than when you need someone to help you pee.

As for the release date? The Robert Pattinson "Batman" Movie has a release date of June 25, 2021.


Which means we have about a year and a half before we actually get to see this thing.

People have been wondering an age-old question that comes around every time there's a new Batman:

"Will it suck or will it be good?"

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Unfortunately, we have to ponder this question a little more, but for now, we can see what the Batsuit is going to look like!

A good or bad suit can make or break a movie!

Here it is:

Now that isn't Robert Pattinson in the suit, it's a stunt double, but we can assume the two of them will have the same costume.

He's got what look to be spikes on his arms, with some bat gauntlets as well.

And look!

He'll even be driving around a motorcycle, which he has been known to do on a number of occasions both in the comics and on-screen.

Well, now that we know the costume looks THIS good, we are getting our hopes even higher for the movie.

Are you excited about the movie? Do you have any fan theories?

Let us know below in the comments!