13+ People Who Need A Good Talking To

Paddy Clarke 21 Feb 2020

There are some people out there who just need to be taken aside once in a while and given a little bit of life advice. It could be due to something as daft as the fact that they think Tupperware will work effectively as a brake light, or something like the fact that they really don't see the problem with putting a long beard in a power tool — yes, that happened.

So, to shine a bit of light on some of these instances, here are 13+ people who need a good talking to.

1. "Crazy sore muscles but no bath tub? Improvise. Adapt. Overcome."

Reddit | Anna_Banananana

This person eventually responded to one of the comments to say that this actually helped them immensely. I can't say I completely believe them though.

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2. "Your feelings are wrong."

Reddit | valentinedayeveryday

There is nothing quite like feeling valued in the workplace... whether you like it or not!

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3. "My toddler picked out a 'super cool hot dog card' for his favorite uncle."

Reddit | MostFlavorfulBond

Can you imagine the lengths to which this kid's parents must have been going to in trying to find any fake reason as to why he shouldn't buy his uncle this card! They eventually wrote another post saying they just let him buy it in the end as they knew the uncle would see the funny side.

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4. "Um, rude?!"

Reddit | arcanophile

But, r and l aren't even remotely close to each other on the keyboard? I think you may need to have a chat with your doctor!

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5. "Someone on the ferry forgot to put the handbrake on."

Reddit | User348844

Cars like to occasionally go for a dip when they're on holiday as well!

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6. Yes... Yes You Will!

Reddit | meggy3p

You can't make me die from stubbornness! Just try and make me, bet you can't!

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7. "Who is pooping in the shower."

Reddit | Ice-Baer-Floats

Why would anyone want to do this? You're using these showers as well and you're in the bathroom already, so I don't get why they wouldn't just use the toilet?!

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Nothing like having a safety conscious hound in the seat in front of you. It's not as annoying as a crying child, but it will certainly make you feel worse about yourself.

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9. "Hey you're gonna be on the front page!"

Reddit | B___Jordan___P

How could this paper do that couple so dirty like that? They ought to be ashamed of themselves!

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10. "Save the trees, never mind."

Reddit | pamanley

Whose going to be the one to tell them do you reckon?

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11. "Septic Service."

Reddit | jack3chu

There's typically 5 to 8 of these following all presidential candidates around at any given time.

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12. "Found out why I was feeling sick lately once I got home."

Reddit | LurkerPatrol

Come on guys, keep your houses free of mold! I'm actually struggling to look at this one, there's something about the furry nature of mold that makes me wretch.

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13. "The perfect breakfast for the tube in London..."

Reddit | dovy22

Just because it is called an "English Breakfast" doesn't mean that you are entitled to eat it anywhere in England.

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14. "Tried to be thrifty and make new candles with collected wax from old candles. Now we have butthole candles."

Reddit | KorillaKrodd

How much money can you really save by making your own candles? Surely there can not be much of a significant saving to be made here.

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15. "Went to Panda Express with my girlfriend for Valentine's Day."

Reddit | herpesinmyear

The guy writing handing out these fortune cookies could really do with a cheat sheet of sorts for occasions such as Valentine's day.

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16. "Power tools and beards don't mix."

Reddit | BlueCoastalElite

I mean, you can't really have a beard that long and not expect it to get caught in things. And, if you work with power tools, that is just a recipe for disaster!

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17. "Ordered chicken nuggets from McD's. Received a box full of pickles."

Reddit | [deleted]

You know that there is someone out there who asked for a side of pickles incredibly disappointed with their side of nuggets.

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18. "So, that's where all the Tupperware lids go!"

Reddit | loseyourmindwme

I wonder if that is road legal? I mean, it's stupid sure, but is it legal?

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19. "Neighbors Subtle Halloween Decor."

Reddit | dovesondoves

What is strange is that the person who posted this posted it in February, 'causing a lot of people to just think that their neighbor was actually leaving bodied outside of their house.

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20. Wait... What?

Reddit | wildluciddreaming

Thankfully, the person who posted this since came out and said, "To all the people who believe this: your parents must be siblings." However, still a disgusting thing to even joke about really!

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