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35 Fascinating Pictures For A Better Day

Whether you're feeling extra grumpy today or experiencing the best day of your life, we could all use a little more humor and fascination in our lives. Here at Diply, we're big fans of funny and interesting, so naturally we're gonna pass it on to you. Enjoy!

1. Fine, I'm basic.

Reddit | iLyAs-Mash

Because I am at least a little intrigued.

2. Dang, that was a big cat. 

Reddit | Dr_Throckmorton

I'm going to assume there is more to this story... I hope.

3. Anything will bend under pressure. 

Reddit | jadealwayswins

Your phone, your back, a drinking straw...

4. Too close to home, stick man!

Reddit | Fuhaxian

(Quietly adds "actually put clothing away" on to-do list.)

5. I think the graphic zigzag is more flattering than the ripple pattern, personally.

Reddit | Jaja321

But I would totally wear those pants.

6. Well, now I can't unsee it.

Reddit | Corrosivecoke

Though the non-squashed bunny doesn't look that appetizing either.

7. Every non-techy parent ever.

Reddit | Tom_Sawyerer

Though, I'm pretty sure I've done it at least once without thinking.

8. Just... ew.

DumpaDay | DumpaDay

I'll leave it up to you to decide which I'm referring to.

9. Seems legit.

Bro My God | Bro My God

Though I doubt it's a very good microwave...

10. Ok, I'll admit it: I kind of want to prank someone with this.

Pleated-Jeans | Pleated-Jeans

I'm not sure my roommate would even notice, though.

11. This kid’s face.  

Reddit | [deleted]

He's just been given two free tickets to a World Cup match ...

That right there is joy. 

Reddit | [deleted]


12. THIS.

Reddit | VR-Missions

How do my two small dogs generate five or six bags of poop per walk? Where do they keep it all?

13. The greatest costume ever ...

SyfyWire | SyfyWire

TIE Fighter pilots are pretty awesome.

14. I really, really hope that's a washable paint.

The Meta Picture | The Meta Picture

It's definitely a bit much for a one month anniversary.

15. I don't see the problem here.

Reddit | strawtomyberry

Use this opportunity to steal her fries, duh!

16. This formerly blind 1-year-old’s face...

Kindness Blog | Kindness Blog

...after receiving surgery to give him sight thanks to the generosity of nine people!

17. I... I've got nothing.

Reddit | saskpilsner

It kind of speaks for itself, really.

18. Do you think dentists working on the teeth of a fellow dentist are gentler?

Reddit | Wonderbread42

Or do they use it as an opportunity to take out their aggression?

19. This kid leading a guard around ...

YouTube | Asmir Dzopa

I love how the guard gets into it!

20. Okay, this is actually clever.

DumpaDay | DumpaDay

Extremely passive aggressive, but clever.

21. Students help their janitor have the night of his life.

Funnyjunk | Funnyjunk

Awesome kids!

22. It's just basic decency.

AcidCow | AcidCow

And it feels oh so good when you get the timing perfect.

23. What a tease!

The Meta Picture | The Meta Picture

I mean, I get it, but yeesh...

24. Sure, it's a cute little plant...

WeKnowMemes | WeKnowMemes

...but what else is growing in there?

25. These Lowe's employees fixing a veteran's wheelchair after no one else would help. 

Imgur | ShareMyAdventure

Give those men a raise. And a cookie.

26. I see what you did there.

Reddit | lostcancer

Not subtle at all.

27.  Check out this tree who's just so stoked to be a tree.

Reddit | detergent_md

He is Groot!

28. You've seen a baby rhino smile before, right? |

Happy rhino! Hi, baby rhino!

29. This kid's hobby... 

Don't Poke The Bear | Don't Poke The Bear

The instrument is bigger than he is!

30. And look at this very happy girl with the world's happiest camel...

Reddit | ramiroidae

Careful, they spit!

31. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's incredible head of hair.

Reddit | Reddit

It's "Steve Jobs chic" with a touch of fanny pack class.

32. This kid hitting the jackpot.

Pleated-Jeans | Pleated-Jeans

He can trade those in for the whole prize shelf!

33. And this girl whose waiter just brought her an extra bowl of BACON.

Reddit | goodnightspoon

Bacon is the happiest food on earth. Prediction: unicorn bacon will be a thing at some point.

34. The nicest marine in existence.

Imgur | Jmbizy

D'awwww! Adorable baby bunbun! He found four malnourished baby rabbits and nursed them back to health.

35. You'll never think of a "smash cake" the same way again.

Reddit | toastynugs

Happy birthday, panda!

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