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12+ People Who Should’ve Looked A Little Closer

Dan 21 Feb 2020

It's hard to be on full alert all the time. Unfortunately, it seems that those moments where we get a little absentminded are the ones that are most important to pay attention to.

1. This guy lived through the Willenium.

Reddit | Poopanddoodle

It's a bit weird that this guy lumps Pokemon Go, the Macarena, Crystal Pepsi and the long tenure of Jean Chretien as Canadian prime minister into the same group of sweeping social trends.

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2. Doctor dunks on employer.

Reddit | eaglel66

Sick notes are BS, and this doctor knows it. The kind of doctor who writes sick notes that criticize the very notion of sick notes is the hero we all need.

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3. Interesting take.

Reddit | thenewyorkgod

This is the front window of a bible store in Kansas. If they actually want people to read more bibles, I don't think this quote is going to do it for them.

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4. The gas bandit.

Reddit | redSS10

I'm glad the original poster got such a nice clear pic of this guy doing what he does. Can you imagine the audacity it would take to pull off this stunt?

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5. Drop the mic.

Reddit | ImMrMitchell

This was left on-screen after a college class got a little too rowdy. The prof put it up, walked out of class and left students to their own devices. I wonder if anyone will pass.

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6. Just sayin'.

Reddit | docm3194

This guy isn't wrong, but I like to think that most people have better things to do than spend their days calling out fake panhandlers.

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7. Won't get fooled again.

Reddit | kingruudz

Someone ordered a big one-terabyte hard drive from China. Turns out it was just a 32 GB flash drive in a case with some random junk thrown in for added weight.

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8. Good luck with that.

Reddit | The_Bromar

People like this fail to realize that Canada is its own country, not just an extra state. That means that it isn't exactly easy to move there on a whim.

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9. Congrats!

Reddit | dsully1328

That packaging couldn't have been much clearer about what's in the package, or what should be avoided when handling it, but I guess the letter carrier was having a rough day.

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10. There must be a story.

Reddit | Mister_Johnson_

Someone rolled up to KFC to get a jumbo order of honey chicken drizzlers or whatever it is that KFC sells, only to find this sign. It hints at something tumultuous.

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11. New pastime.

Reddit | [deleted]

This Redditor discovered a new passion project: finding mirrors for sale on sites like Kijiji and Craigslist, and capturing the many awkward poses people have struck in order to photograph said mirrors.

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12. The gang's all here.

Reddit | AteMyWheaties

According to the original poster, one friend had to bail on a boys' weekend because of a 'crazy fiancee'. Although he wasn't there in person, his cardboard cutout had an adventure on his behalf.

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13. Tough call.

Reddit | JimmyLikesReddit

This always seems to be the way with Amazon shipping. Like, you really want something on Thursday, and you're prepared to pay a buck or two more — or $705.99 — to get it.

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14. Sounds worse than it is.

Reddit | diveonfire

If you heard that a school teacher confiscated Dill Dough from a student, you could be forgiven for thinking that the scandal was a lot more risque than it actually was.

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15. #yolo.

Reddit | OMGLMAOWTF_com

I appreciate this history prof's effort to showcase the feats of Yuri Gagarin. But let's be real here: the Kardashians have their own ongoing empire, and Yuri Gagarin is dead.

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16. Has it really been one year?

Reddit | Obmr-snrU

The day after Valentine's last year, this coffee machine experienced a breakdown. It's still broken to this day, and it recently celebrated the one-year anniversary of a promise from the maintenance department.

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17. Old people and Facebook: name a more iconic duo.

Reddit | vlone17

Facebook is many things to many people. For some, it's their primary online photo album. When it comes time to print those pictures out, it can be easier said than done.

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18. Helpful advice.

Reddit | TheDapperDoctor

This is clearly a joke, but it's well-constructed. It's sure to embarrass Ryan, who's been called out by name, and the detail about the sheep farm leads passers-by to draw their own conclusions.

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19. No.

Reddit | Mr_PoodlePants

"I came in to the office early and switched as many M and N keys on keyboards as I could," wrote the original poster, adding, "Some might say I'm a monster but others will say nomster."

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20. Photobomb.

Reddit | CapableOwl

These caves in Branson, Missouri are a popular tourist spot. When people get their pictures taken, the staff adds a little surprise by Photoshopping a bat into the frame.

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