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Ditch The Birthday Cake For A Loaded Birthday Board

2020 wasted absolutely no time to release this year's trends right out the gate. I thought this year was the year of Baby Yoda and lemon-flavored sweets, but it appears a new delicious trend has been sweeping social media recently.

That, my friends, is food boards.

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The charcuterie board is no longer the only party platter that exists.

All kinds of food boards are blowing up on social media.

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French fry boards, pancake boards, and choc-cuterie boards are only a small fraction of examples of the craze.

Now, birthday boards join the lineup.

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Instead of revealing one big birthday cake at parties, people are whipping up full platters of delicious finger foods.

They basically feature every treat you would want to snack on at a birthday party.

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When you think of a birthday party, you think of salty and sweet finger foods for people to snack on all night, and of course, a cake.

For a birthday board, you can absolutely still add a birthday cake to keep the spirit of the festivities alive, but it's just not the star of the show anymore.

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Everything is!

Cookies, cupcakes, chips, snack mixes, pretzels, and candies are perfect for getting your guests' hands dirty, which is the best part about food boards.

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They're also perfect for those who are picky about their cake flavor. There's gotta be at least one thing on the board your guests can all enjoy!

This one is made for those who can handle a super tweet tooth or a few.

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Talk about a sugar rush!

For those who aren't fans of sweets, you can still go for a more savory birthday board.

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Cheese basically looks like cake anyway, right?

Hey, any food is birthday food as long as there are some candles and an ode to your age somewhere!

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Let's just pretend this isn't a normal charcuterie board, okay?

Will you be giving a birthday board a try for your next celebration?

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What sorts of things would you stuff yours with to personalize it?

Let us know!

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