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17+ People Who Got Taken Down A Notch

Paddy Clarke 20 Feb 2020

Some people are just begging to be taken down a notch! From those people who are unjustifiably sanctimonious, to those poor unsuspecting people who just happen to wander into moments of unbridled savagery.

From kids giving their teachers brutally honest notes, to dishwashers calling their owners incredibly offensive terms, get ready for 17+ people who got taken down a notch!

1. "My girlfriend says that I own too many video games. I sent her this."

Reddit | xl3rockhaus

Ah, there's nothing quite like the refreshing energizing cleaning action of a 3 in 1 body wash, shampoo, and conditioner bottle of Dusch Das!

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2. "This brutal honesty from a student was sweet but also hilarious. I’m the one in 2nd place."

Reddit | kevlarmma

Kids have a way of being naively honest in the most savage ways possible. It's quite endearing but also terrifying!

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3. "Mints! or Drugs!? At least we can confirm the mother has never done drugs before."

Reddit | XxBraedynxX

That mother went from 0 to 1,000,000 in a matter of seconds. That would also be the worst place to try and hide your drugs as well, in your car glove compartment.

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4. "Dad still loves her... probably."

Reddit | diamondmines2

If you read this conversation back slowly, you can actually hear the moment that her father's palm slapped into his face.

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5. "Alfa Romero put a hidden message for fans who tried to lighten their 'sneak peek' photo."

Reddit | town_klown

Alfa Romeo aren't the only ones to have pulled this little stunt, but it never gets old!

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6. "Tallinn museum humor."

Reddit | duncan_D_sorderly

How many times a week do you reckon the "Kiek in de Kok" museum witness people pulling this kind of stunt? They must be real sick of it by now!

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7. "Got in an argument with my dad earlier and he just came into my room, put this down, and left without saying a word (I'm allergic to peanuts)."

Reddit | cadenzo

I mean, that's one way to end an argument I guess? Someone suggested that they print off retirement home brochures and leave them on his desk.

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8. Don't Text And Drive

Reddit | Evenball5

That's an uncomfortably fun-looking font to use for such a morbid message. I really feel like they could have found a more eerie font!

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9. "Maintenance is in no hurry."

Reddit | Obmr-snrU

Hey! They'll get round to it when they're good and damn well ready! It's not like it's a piece of equipment that could be put to actual use or anything.

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10. "A piece of tape makes you a hacker according to Business Insider."

Reddit | Mad-mex3

They're hacking in the real world! Also, why was it only Tesla drivers that fell for this?

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11. "Even my dishwasher is putting me down today."

Reddit | Bananaramas

This is actually the Scandinavian word for "end", so I'm not sure what you were thinking it meant!

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12. "This young savage came dressed as an influencer apology video at #Vidcon2019 — Pretty Realistic Depiction."

Reddit | Droyk

YouTube is absolutely chock full of people saying controversial things then apologising in order to try and gain subscribers these days. I like how he nailed the like to dislike ratio as well.

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13. "The cleaning ladies at my job are brutal. This was hanging above the urinal."

Reddit | KillerGoose

This person discovered that it wasn't actually the cleaning ladies, but someone else in the office, due to the somewhat butchered Spanish.

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14. "So apparently Tarantino is as savage in real life as he is in reel life."

Reddit | Lowcrbnaman

I mean, "on their way out", is a very interesting way to describe two of the most unfeasibly handsome men in hollywood, but whatever.

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15. "In the special request section I put 'write a joke on the inside of the box' Pizza Hut didn't let me down."

Reddit | Homebound_Cobra

Wow, Pizza Hut coming in hard with the "humor" there. This is the exact tone of humor I would expect from someone working in Pizza Hut.

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16. "Use the force Luke..."

Reddit | MrSmileyMcSmiles

Also, stormtroopers typically aren't force-sensitive Ivanka, just saying like.

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17. "Siri being savage."

Reddit | broekpoeperd

Siri really did a number on you there. Siri just wants to make it as awkward as possible so that you have to type it in reminders yourself. The laziest A.I. on the market.

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18. "My Apple Watch was set to savage mode apparently."

Reddit | darby-dev

First Siri, now the Apple watch! You know what I don't need from my wearable supercomputers? Sass, that's what!

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19. "It's a new concept."

Reddit | potatosalad001

Honestly I just hope this whole "library" thing catches on because it sounds like it could be really beneficial to some people, especially those who lack basic intelligence.

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20. "“i trusted you all”

Reddit | TheGameGuy55

Your trust was poorly, poorly misplaced, sir. Perhaps you should use this as a learning experience: you can never trust the internet.

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21. "Hey you're gonna be on the front page"

Reddit | B___Jordan___

Honestly I just feel terrible for this poor people because this is exactly my kind of luck. Hopefully they get a second chance at being on the front page one day.

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22. "Ignored my girlfriend's texts after a tough shift at work. She took her frustration out on my TV, RIP big guy."

Reddit | zzaman

Now you know you gotta answer every single text you get on your phone or else you don't get to play any Xbox, sir.

Alternatively, you could also just find a less psycho girlfriend.

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23. "Mother-in-law just served me this piece of cake..."

Reddit | SaltyDogBiscuit

That's a pretty strong hint she's giving there. I'd keep my eye on her.

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24. "My bag of coffee made me chuckle, but was also very accurate."

Reddit | midgetmayhem20

I think we've all definitely had those mornings where we wake up a bit earlier than our bodies are ready for, we go to make a pot of coffee, and realize we're trying to open the bag upside down.

I just don't think any of us have actually had the bag call us out on that before.

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25. "Um, rude?!"

Reddit | arcanophile

First of all, how dare you? And second of all, who do you think you are speaking to? This pill bottle needs to check itself.

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26. "Your feelings are wrong."

Reddit | valentineeveryday

Oh, okay.

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27. "The Valentine's Day card I bought for my husband."

Reddit | shallywally

Well, I'm sure he definitely appreciated your honesty.

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28. "Just saw this at the airport waiting to pick someone up."

Reddit | TheDapperDoctor

Personally I love these silly airport-pick-up sign pranks because they're totally harmless, yet 100% effective.

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29. "Someone at my work was cheated on. He brought all of her shoes to work!"

Reddit | IHaveNoMoreEffs2Give

I've literally never heard of anyone ever doing this before and yet somehow it has become the sweetest form of petty revenge I can possibly think of right now.

Well done.

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30. "I found this from my husband in the bathroom lol..."

Reddit | AJBHcats

Maybe next time you'll think twice before you reach for the white towels because clearly Housekeeping Management is fed up with your nonsense, ma'am.

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31. "Haha"

Reddit | ssetgex

Clearly not even cats are safe from shameful call-out signs. I don't know what the big deal is. All Max wants to do is learn something.

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32. "Cooking skills out of this world."

Reddit | GallowBoob

I like how this roommate thinks. Very pure, very innocent. If only the world really operated like this.

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33. "Oh that's crazy"

Reddit | vompeii

Perhaps they should have checked the ol' superhero family tree before picking their couples costume this year. Could have avoided some serious embarrassment.

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34. "When my grandma finally agreed to replace her 50 year old kitchen floor, my uncle saved a tile and framed it for remembrance. RIP 1963 - 2015."

Reddit | Danisue7

I mean, I simply can't ignore the "thich" typo, so let's just get that out of the way. However, aside from that it's actually quite an adorable idea.

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35. "Guess I haven't seen it all."

Reddit | Careful_with_ThatAxe

Anything that leads to your son being described as akin to Homer Simpson is never a good thing. How long does that stuff even last for? Too long probably!

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