Strut Your Stuff With A Vibrant, Peacock-Inspired Hair Color

Move over, unicorn hair. Get outta here, mermaid hair. These days, we are all about peacock hair.

What's peacock hair, you ask? It's hair with varying shades of blue, green, yellow, and purple. Like a peacock! Let's check out some examples.

Meet peacock hair.

It basically consists of blue, purple, and green intertwined (and a bit of yellow, as a treat).

Many peacock hairstyles are done underneath the hair, or ombré style. It's like a fun peacock surprise!

But it can come in all shapes and sizes.

The unifying factor is the three main colors, basically. If you have blue, purple, and green in your hair, you've got some peacock hair.

Look how great those colors look when they're braided!

This look has some really delicate shading.

While this peacock look has the typical colors, what makes it totally unique is the green tint fading upwards to the roots. That ombré not only will help when grow out happens, but looks totally out of this world.

Adding yellow and neon green is a big yes.

A lot of people tend to shy away from the yellows and bright greens that give peacock hair its signature look. For others brave enough to try it? We applaud you.

Now this is a full-on peacock fantasy.

Hairstylist @manan_beauty teamed up with colorist @xmandyleex to create this peacock moment. Not only did they go for a shave undercut in a purpley magenta, but check out those peacock curls! OMG.

Look at these CURLS.

This is a bit of straight-up magic. @theserenityhairspa spent some real time on this transformation.

They noted that color is done after your first visit. That's the healthiest way to get the color you want!

Peacock hair, but make it platinum.

This is a totally different take on peacock hair! For this look, about 3/4 of the hair was dyed platinum. Then, the layers underneath were done with purple and green, with just a hint of blue.

This is a true peacock look.

I love that they included their inspiration picture with this style! Rather than going for a yellow or green, @studio51salon chose peacock feathers that leaned more purple and turquoise. And it worked!

Some prefer a more subtle peacock-look.

For those of us who don't get too adventurous with our hair, but might be feeling a little brave? This is the perfect dye job that is still interesting, but subtle enough to get away with at work.

Have green, will peacock.

Instagram account @creativebeautydesigns broke down their entire dye process, and it's intense. They mixed seven different colors to bring as much dimension to the colors as possible. And look at that green! It's perfectly peacock!

This hair was perfectly described.

Canadian stylist @liv.hair_yyc perfectly described her own work: it's wearable art!

The artist and client were inspired by rich, peacock-like jewel tones. The vibrance of the colors would make any peacock proud.

I could stare at this hair all day.

This peacock-inspired gradient is what dreams are made of. It would be easy to show off this look!

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