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13+ People Who Went All Out To Prove A Point

Dan 20 Feb 2020

Sometimes it isn't about whether you're right or wrong, but whether or not you've effectively proven your point. If you're not afraid to embrace your petty, point-proving self, you'll fit right in here.

1. Someone likes to get dirty.

Reddit | OldDeadEyez

This truck is about to learn a harsh truth known to everyone who's ever been single: while sometimes you can wait for the right person (or sponge), more often than not you'll need to put yourself out there.

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2. Precious.

Reddit | kamel_hump

A Redditor sent this nice pic of their kids (on the left) to what turned out to be the wrong number. The wrong number sent them a response pic that's just gold.

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3. With friends like these...

Reddit | TheDapperDoctor

This is kind of a classic prank to pull if you're picking up a friend who shares your same sense of humor. The note about the sheep farm is a nice touch.

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4. Better safe than sorry.

Reddit | B_rodriguezzz

This guy just won Jamaica's big lottery jackpot. Either he's a fan of Wes Craven's iconic Scream trilogy or he really doesn't want anybody knowing who he is.

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5. They didn't have a ball.

Reddit | mas1234

The picture shows an abnormally large, colorful beach ball, complete with a smiling beach bro next to it. But this review paints a picture of heartbreak and woe.

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6. This coffee's got your back.

Reddit | midgetmayhem20

My kneejerk reaction is to lash out at this bag of coffee that's calling me 'friend'. You don't know me like that, coffee. Then again, it's just trying to help.

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7. Ancient problems require modern solutions.

Reddit | JohannReddit

This person's landlord turned off the heat right in the middle of a harsh Minnesota winter. But thanks to some ingenuity, and a definite fire hazard, they found a way to keep warm.

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8. Justice League.

Reddit | Scrullo

Imagine moving into an apartment building and seeing this. While it doesn't guarantee the protection of Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman, it's always nice to know that you're among fellow nerds.

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9. Let the games begin.

Reddit | amdale3

Anyone who's ever worked a job that requires them to be in on the phone knows how useful the phonetic alphabet can be. In the foreground we see the real phonetic alphabet. In the background, we see what it's been replaced with.

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10. Not subtle.

Reddit | SaltyDogBiscuit

This piece of cake was served to a Redditor by their mother in law. Is it a harmless mistake or a pointed message? Only time will tell.

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11. Suffocation, no breathing.

Reddit | cammoses003

I have no doubt that this pizza place gets lots of free publicity on the internet. On the other hand, I'm not sure if anyone actually wants to order a pie from a Papa Roach-themed pizzeria.

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12. Cute.

Reddit | ItsNotAna

When a pet shelter wanted to brainstorm a Valentine's Day promotion, they came up with this clever idea. Hey, you try doing something better when your materials are litterboxes and kitty litter.

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13. Free advertising?

Reddit | felicianh

Sometimes you just get so mad at a company that you want the world to know. For the most part, this entails leaving a scathing review on Amazon, but sometimes it's good to take the old fashioned approach.

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14. Glitch.

Reddit | RobGr

These electronic dartboards aren't as satisfying as the real thing, but they do include a fun feature. If you're particularly accurate, you can kill any game at any time by targeting these buttons.

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15. Did it work?

Reddit | dazthecat

It's fun to see that a trick exclusively used in old cartoons has made its way into the real world. The look on the usher's face indicates that she's not paid enough to deal with this.

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16. The start of a lifelong fear.

Reddit | ItzzCarl

This just says it all, doesn't it? It looks like this was supposed to be a special day for this kid, but it turns out he doesn't like costumed animal mascots.

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17. Pictograms.

Reddit | WaspDog

There was a language barrier between a patient scheduled to undergo surgery and his nurse, so the nurse opted to communicate this way. It works, even if tomorrow morning's schedule looks a tad ominous.

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18. Fair enough.

Reddit | Leviathan47

This swimming pool in New Zealand lays its rules out in definite terms. Even atheists are asked to submit to the all-knowing, all-seeing benevolence of a higher power: the lifeguard.

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19. As a matter of fact...

Reddit | skarvin

Excuse me while I dump all my change onto this counter, simply because this is the best way to ask for tips possible.

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20. Not sure the sign was entirely necessary.

Reddit | ssgetxts

After all, it seems like Max's only crime here is wanting to learn. What's so wrong with that?

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21. Good to know.

Reddit | anoobsearcher

I relate pretty hard to this little fella here. I, too, like to hang out in unusual places. Not really the corner of an enclosure but still.

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22. We get it.

Reddit | circabb

As hilarious as that jersey itches, I think this is one message we all could have gone without seeing.

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23. Fair point.

Reddit | afk2102

I mean, we all sort of just accepted that old "when one door closes, another one opens" thing. But why didn't we question the fact that no one tried the door handle before just giving up?

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24. Message received.

Reddit | MemphisGlover

If you weren't sure about these two, now you know they are definitely just friends. Any more questions?

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25. If I fits, I sits.

Reddit | Anna_Bananananana

Hey, what else are you supposed to do when you're in the mood for a bath but there's no bath in sight?

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26. Happy Anniversary!

Reddit | Obnr-snru

I hope the person in charge of maintenance saw this passive aggressive note and realized, "Oh right! I still have to fix that!"

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27. If you ever doubted the power of makeup before...

Reddit | conianz

...just look at what it did to a potato. A potato, guys! Wow. Color me impressed.

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28. Nice spot to think.

Reddit | pfdrMike

These fellas are obviously experts at the art of illusion. That, or they really did find an invisible bench to rest on. We'll never know for sure.

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29. Payback.

Reddit | IHaveNoMoreEffs2Give

"Someone at my work was cheated on," wrote the original poster. "He brought all of her shoes to work!" Judging from the lack of takers, it seems like no one at work shared her taste.

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30. Keep it comfortable.

Reddit | LovelySweet1789

"After helping with a project at our house, my dad accidentally took my husband's drill bit home in his pocket," wrote a Redditor. "We asked he just put it somewhere safe until the next time we see him...he obliged."

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31. The prisoner.

Reddit | rebirthofrad

Despite how cold it looks out there, that is one hot dog! I also think "wiener bun of shame" may be my new Twitter handle.

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32. Never change the recipe.

Reddit | GetInMyJetSki

I particularly like the shocked face on the orange. It's little touches like that which can really bring a scene together!

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33. The perfect relationship.

Reddit | stacyyines

I don't know who is going to break it to the guy who put this sign up that beer does leave you, when you use the bathroom.

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34. Don't ignore text messages!

Reddit | zzaman

Unbelievably, this was uploaded with the caption, "Ignored my girlfriend's texts after a tough shift at work. She took her frustration out on my TV, RIP big guy." I'm not sure if the point they were trying to prove was, "Don't ignore my messages," or, "You shouldn't be in this relationship!"

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35. Unconventional fishing practices.

Apparently, "There was a flood in Denmark and a guy posted this on social media," wrote the Redditor who uploaded this. I mean, that's one hell of a way to prove how serious your flooding problem is!

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36. Tired of waiting at the lights?

Reddit | BigB69

Of all the games to play to calm yourself down during the stress of traffic, they picked Uno!? What's wrong with these guys?

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37. Do you think that is rare enough?

Reddit | mr_znaeb

Sometimes you just need to be direct to get your point across. I'm quite curious now to see how rare that actually is, almost still alive one would presume.

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38. Hungry, tired, and bored.

Reddit | hibarihime

This man had apparently grown too hungry while waiting to be seen at the DMV, so ordered in pizzas! What an idea!

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39. Can't get clearer than that.

Reddit | vyse86

Other signs in this vein include, "Put your damn phone away!", and, "Don't throw trash out the window or you're a scumbag."

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40. Making them wear the sign of shame!

Reddit | thejohnblog

Open the windows and spray air freshener all you like, there's no way that odour is going down easy!

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41. Proof copies can be useful too.

Reddit | takethatsociety77

This wildly enthusiastic looking gentleman explained that, "I wanted to prove that I graduated from college this weekend, but the professional photos cost a ton. Luckily their website offered this." He got what he wanted, can't argue with that.

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42. These guys who wanted to prove that In-N-Out is the best.

Reddit | GavinWakeUpCall

Much like a few others in the comments, it took me a while to figure out why there was a panda there. I guess no one really cares about Panda Express.

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43. The truth about sports commentators.

Reddit | wqzu

This isn't something that you'd ever catch a wrestling commentator saying though, for obvious reasons. I'm also completely shocked that this guy's name is Joey E-Mail!

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44. These goats are going to incredible lengths to prove they're the best climbers.

Reddit | Chemicald90

If there is one thing I have learned in all of my years on this Earth, it is that you should never get into a get into a battle of nerves with a goat. Those guys are straight up crazy.

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45. The bravest student of them all.

Reddit | gooseluck

This message was written for "a high school teacher about to go on maternity leave. This message was written by a student on her farewell card," according to the post.

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