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19+ People Who Have Some Seriously Lousy Luck

Paddy Clarke 19 Feb 2020

Some people are born lucky. They're the kind of people who are always finding money on the floor, winning raffles, and never getting stuck in traffic.

However, there are also those who are not so lucky! These are the people who get stuck in elevators, are always finding dead insects in their food, and who win tickets to Celine Dion concerts, the poor blighters.

No matter whether you are a lucky or unlucky person, allow me to present for your entertainment, 19+ people who have some seriously lousy luck.

1. "That time I modelled for a clip art company at 16 and ended up on dildo batteries."

Reddit | lrngully

Of all the things that you want your image being used for, dildo batteries are pretty low on the list! But, I guess everyone's modeling career has to start somewhere!

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2. "I came in to find my tortoise like this. It seems he pooped, got it stuck on his foot, ran in circles trying to get it off, and flipped over."

Reddit | Pigglepoo

What an absolute comedy of errors! How does a tortoise even go in circles fast enough to tip itself over?

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3. "This refund my coworker had to process today."

Reddit | idislikedavid

Never before has the phrase "World's Best Cat" come so close to reducing me to tears.

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4. "Apparently I have 'trichiasis' wherein I have eyelashes that grow on the inside of my eyelid."

Reddit | Cat4Cat

Apparently this is actually a more common condition than you may think. You may also wish that I had never showed you this, and you're welcome.

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5. "New skelton found in Pompeii: this guy was running from the eruption, when a 300kg boulder hit him right in the face."

Reddit | I_Shot_Marvin

Can you imagine having people laughing about your death across the internet thousands of years after your death! What a legacy.

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6. "Water leaks can be disastrous."

Reddit | monerowuhan

This looks more like something out of Nightmare On Elm Street than the real world. I think they might need a bucket or two to put down.

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7. "This kid ran into a lamppost while chasing his favorite soccer player."

Reddit | FusRoChris

Well, at least he got to meet Salah as a result, still looks damn painful though!

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8. "People shooting off guns for the fourth in the city. Bullets are still affected by gravity..."


Everything is affected by gravity... if people don't know that then we need to revaluate our education system.

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9. "My phone was stolen last week in London and I just got a notification saying it had been located."

Reddit | Lemonslothcake

I think there's a fairly slim chance that they aren't going to get that phone back. You never know though!

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10. "Crashing a rental McLaren 720s."

Reddit | Super-Dingo

Someone's bank account is about to get the shock of its life! I cannot even fathom how much this would cost to fix.

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11. "I've been saving up for a Switch for a couple months now. I finally got it last week and found this in my dog's mouth this morning."

Reddit | yhandi

Someone in the comments of this actually had a spare left controller and sent it over to this unfortunate soul, so there are some good people still in the world!

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12. "Opened my new puzzle to find it blank."

Reddit | abberz423

Unless the aim is to paint your own version once it is finished? Is this a thing people would do? I can't make my mind up if that's a good business idea or not.

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13. "I hit a horse this morning at 4:30 am."

Reddit | waldywaldoson

That's what you get for horsing around...

Tinned studio laughter as the beleaguered sitcom star stares into camera

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14. "Having Valentine's Day dinner when I went downstairs to check why the heat wasn't working. Found 4 feet of water covering the basement."

Reddit | Scrappy_Mongoose

I think I can see why the heat wasn't working. On the plus side though, you now have an indoor pool!

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15. "God damnit."

Reddit | Jammy_Git

How long do you reckon this person's flight was? I'm guessing around the 16 hour mark. I hope they knew the person sitting next to them.

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16. "She dropped 22 quarts of ranch dressing at work."

Reddit | gangbangkang

That's gonna smell terrible the next day if you don't get all of that up! Also, that shirt will never be the same again.

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17. "I made a lasagna for lunch. Here's the result."

Reddit | sloubi_

"Everyone come down dinner is read... Oh bugger."

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18. Snake!

Reddit | 34thVedicDeity

I can think of a few people who I know who would react like that to seeing what they thought was a snake. Either that or they'd just run away!

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19. "First time visiting the Grand Canyon (from MN) and this was the view."

Reddit | foxy22lady

Wow, it looks like they've reached the edge of the map in a video-game. It really is one of the most glorious places on Earth!

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20. "Accidentally baked a fly into my cookies."

Reddit | ComfyInDots

You never know, that could be the secret ingredient to making the world's most delicious cookie! I mean, I doubt it like, but you never know!

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