15+ Things That Came Back To Bite People In The Butt

Paddy Clarke 19 Feb 2020

Some people hate to think that their actions and the things that they do have consequences, preparing instead to live in a vacuum-sealed bag of isolation — much like a frozen steak.

However, the reality of the world is that the things you do in your life do matter, and things can often come back to haunt you! With that in mind, here are 15+ things that came back to bite people in the butt!

1. "I think more than one drink was needed after that text."

Reddit | GeraldinePacheco712

If there's ever a text to receive that will make you want to drink, that's the one!

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2. "She traded me for the window seat before we got on the plane."

Reddit | Fsf89

I don't know what she gave up to get that seat, but it wasn't worth it! Never before has someone been so done over by the "No backsies" rule.

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3. "Wife went into the attic to get the Christmas tree. Told her not to step on the drywall. She later admitted that she didn't know what drywall was."

Reddit | MegaOcelot

That looks it was literally the first step that she took that went through the ceiling. Why would she not just admit to not knowing what drywall is?

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4. "My mom accidentally left her mirror in front of the window over the day. After coming back she found this..."

Reddit | Saftgeaicht

The odds of someone being this unlucky are staggeringly low! Let this be a lesson though... a lesson about leaving mirrors near windows I guess? Look, the lesson isn't clear but just don't do it, whatever it is!

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5. Using The Handicapped Stall

Reddit | nixonico

How would you handle this situation? Try and apologize and explain why you were in there, or just walk out as though there is no problem.

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6. "Shouldn't have used her coffee creamer I guess."

Reddit | Csxa11

This is what happens when you steal people's food in the office! You have all been warned you pesky food stealers you!

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7. "That's an unfortunate lighting outage..."

Reddit | MegaOcelot

I mean, if you include the words "nazi hospital" anywhere in your sign, then you need to be aware of the potential for this to happen!

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8. "Bad parking doesn't go unpunished where I work."

Reddit | lodoyun

How do people who park like this just walk away from their car as though there is nothing wrong? Why would you not just reverse a bit and fix it? It genuinely baffles me!

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9. "My first ever class as a teacher is about to begin, all notes on the laptop."

Reddit | Tangoxx

This is why I always keep my laptop updated and never press the "remind me later" button on the update reminders... said nobody ever in the history of humanity.

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10. Somebody Please Tell Them

Reddit | xIorek_Byrnisonx

Needless to say, the person who shared this received quite a lot of attention across the internet. I hope they now see the error of their ways!

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11. "Former One Direction member Niall Horan votes 'no' on a fan's poll whether she should date him."

Reddi | CaptainCortes

Now that is a pretty clear answer to your question! You should never set yourself up for such a potential fall as this.

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12. "Fighting an ant infestation in my kitchen the last couple days. Didn't think to check my cereal box. Realized the small brown things are ants 6-8 bites in."

Reddit | bringbackflipphones

Well, at least you got a good 6-8 spoonfuls of ant-based protein in you to help you tackle the day! Simply delicious and nutritious!

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13. "This girl was bleaching her hair and put a plastic bag from Walmart over it to help the heat stay in and it printed the ink onto her hair."

Reddit | kttyfrncs

One of the first things we learn as kids is not to put plastic bags over our heads. This logic surprisingly applies to a variety of scenarios.

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14. "Idiot shows his true stupidity."

Reddit | lol62056

The fact that they have "Get Brexit done" in their profile picture is also a signifier of... you know what, I'm just not going to say anything actually, as the above image perfectly articulates the whole picture.

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15. "My kid's grounded so she had to help power wash the deck. I came back to this. Grounding extended."

Reddit | Qrusader62

I loved power-washing as a kid, so I don't think that I'd say that that is much of a punishment in the first place!

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16. "Jonah Hill dropping his coffee."

Reddit | im_wabbit_hunting

People holding their drinks by the lids gives me terrible anxiety! Hold your drinks properly or you deserve this to happen to you too!

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17. "We sent the new kid at work on a fool's errand to go buy some 'Elbow Grease'. He came back with his. This kid is going places."

Reddit | NotAboutTheHeroes

I would have loved to have seen the faces on the people who sent him when he rocked up with this! I wonder if he also managed to find bubbles for a spirit level?

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18. "That's one way of looking at it."

Reddit | griftylifts

The "Smile! You're on God's Camera" really adds an extra level of seediness to this whole scenario. Just makes it sound like God is being a bit of a perv!

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19. "Came back from the beach with a bit of a sunburn."

Reddit | greree

This is why you always do your important drinking at home or in a bar like an adult, not at the beach like a child.

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20. Reducing Flooding

Reddit | AA_Batteries28

I wonder what work they actually did to try and reduce the flooding? 'Cause whatever it was, it wasn't enough!

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