14+ Imaginative Lifehacks From Hilarious People

Diply 24 Oct 2018

There's a whole world of lifehacks out there. These range from the simple (use newspaper to sop up oil!) to the creative (repurpose an old bed into a bench!) to the...um, extra creative.

It's this last category we'll be covering today. Some of these are borderline genius, some may have a reach that exceeds their grasp, and some might just not be worth the effort.

Still, it's hard not to appreciate the ingenuity.

1. A transitional TV mount.

Reddit | jaakobola

So, let's say you've got a modern flatscreen TV, but you just can't let go of your old CRT TV. Simple: Redditor jaakobola shows us that one hotel has found a simple way to mount a TV to, um, an older TV. No mounting hardware required — just tape.

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2. Simple and elegant.

Reddit | 8_Hearty_Ropes

What's the best hack you can come up with using a piece of toilet paper and nothing else? Redditor 8_Hearty_Ropes demonstrates how just a bit of TP placed strategically over a public washroom's motion sensor can put a stop to those flush-happy automated toilets.

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3. A trailer's a trailer, right?

Reddit | AshleyDoran

This van has a proper trailer hitch, I'll give it that. But the trailer itself — posted by Redditor AshleyDoran — is kinda improvisational in nature. I suppose if you need to haul pallets around and have a spare set of wheels, there are worse ways to go about it.

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4. Just make sure it's a clean rake.

Reddit | DenseBig7

On one hand, I want to applaud this person for making an all-in-one grilling solution. On the other hand, you really don't know where that rake has been. Regardless, it's a pretty clever way to grill a bunch of food all at once. Thanks to Redditor DenseBig7 for this one.

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5. Crystal clear.

Reddit | yogishattx

If your rearview mirror is cracked, don't go for an expensive replacement. Reddit user yogishattx just threw a cheap hand mirror on there and called it a day. I mean, it even comes with a handle, just in case that could come in handy somehow.

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6. When you need that cool breeze.

Reddit | dicrydin

Some cars offer sunroofs, some offer moonroofs, others offer nothing at all. Redditor dicrydin shared this post showing an alternative option for cars without a standard roof hatch. Sure, it has the ambiance of staring out from inside a trash bin, but at least it lets in the breeze.

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7. Almost like it was made for the job.

Imgur | Shyguy2392

Imgur user Shyguy2392 captioned this, "It's not stupid if it works"...and it's hard to argue with that. So long as your skewer catches enough of the hot dog to prevent it from falling into the abyss, this is practically an indoor BBQ.

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8. AirPods: finally solved.

Reddit | longy18

Apple's new wireless earbuds might look cool, but these expensive gadgets also have to be jammed right up in your ear or else they'll fall out. Intrepid Redditor longy18 made these ugly hooks out of paper clips and electrical tape — but hey, you know he won't be losing them anytime soon.

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9. Pumped up cast.

Reddit | whiteniteee

You never know when circumstances will force you to wear a walking cast. If you're a sneakerhead and need to show off your style, don't settle for a basic white cast. Reddit user whiteniteee shared this pic where you almost can't tell shoe from cast. Almost.

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10. You'll never need new socks again.

Imgur | slashzero

If your big toe is constantly ripping holes in your socks, don't throw them out — just utilize this brilliant clothing hack from Imgur's slashzero. So long as you wear black socks and have a black Sharpie (or, alternatively, drop something heavy on your big toe), you're good to go!

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11. He's got the power.

Reddit | BladeAlpha

Redditor BladeAlpha uploaded this pic. I don't think that power outlet was meant to be accessible to transit riders. But with a little effort, and a little creativity, the power feeds the (hanging) phone, which feeds the headphones, which are in his ears. Well done.

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12. Add a touch of Wimbledon to walkers (or chairs).

Instructables | wlj2015

We've all seen walkers with tennis balls attached to the feet to make movement easier. Instructables user wlj2015 shared some great instructions for doing this yourself. Of course, you could always think outside the box and do this for your whole office (you'll need a few dozen balls for this).

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13. This must be how they scooted in the old days.

Reddit | socalredditorsmeetup

Who needs a fancy schmancy Razor scooter when you've got a perfectly adequate scooter branch? This one comes, with no backstory, from Redditor socalredditorsmeetup. This looks like it might almost work — but I'd be hesitant to do any sweet launches with it.

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14. Bonus: no one will want to steal this if you forget it somewhere.

Reddit | griffinonthego

Honestly, this image posted by Redditor griffinonthego isn't as weird as it seems. After all, it does the job. Also, some manufacturers (I'm looking at you, Microsoft Surface) are already taking this route with stand-supported laptops out of the box.

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15. Never burn your toes again.

Reddit | GenY_vs_Millennials

If you love flip-flops but hate sunburnt toes, there is an option for you: Redditor GenY_vs_Millennials posted this image of flip-flops that also provide shade for your toes. Don't worry, they don't look weird at all.

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16. Like a glove.

Reddit | darrenja

This is either the result of a truck melding with a garage or a garage door that's been cut with precision to accommodate the truck. It might look a little odd, but it's probably cheaper than buying a whole new house, right? This one comes from darrenja of Reddit.

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