11+ Beauty Moments That Prove We're All In This Together

Diply 24 Oct 2018

We all know that beauty is all about self-care. But don't forget that it also can be about caring for others! How fun is a mani-pedi sesh with your mom, or a spa day with your friends, or doing face masks with your SO on a night in?

Beauty is more fun with others, and we've got the receipts to prove it.

1. Her boyfriend is doing her makeup! Her two great loves have come together to make something beautiful!

Twitter | @Steamrose

Is this the making of an incredible new makeup artist? Is he about to take Sephora makeup services by storm? I'm just so excited to see his beauty journey unfold!

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2. I was made for lovin' you baby, you were made for Halloween!

Instagram | @mcloughlincian

This wouldn't have worked with only one person! She'd have been a "French Cat" and he'd just be "French Gene Simmons." But together, they make the very funny "French Kiss."

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3. "Back in my day, we didn't have haircuts. We just shaved big lines into people's heads and that was that."

Twitter | @TySadow28

I'm sure grandma makes an adorable barber, and probably very cheap, too, but is she the woman for the job? Maybe not.

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4. We all dream of the day that we'll get to meet our hair twin, but these two angels actually lived it.

Twitter | @DruFoz

They could definitely pretend to be each other in public and pull some classic pranks. If she wore some very high heels, that is.

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5. This guy is getting boyfriend of the year — and employee of the month.

Twitter | @Darthk41

But what a guys night idea: all of the bros, sitting around, smashing some beers, and washing some makeup brushes.

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6. If you find someone who will hold your extensions, never let them go. 

Twitter | @mattraub

His wife asked him to hold her extensions while she drove — he got crafty, and with this method, they won't get tangled!

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7. What's worse than being a third wheel? Being a third wheel with clogged pores.

Twitter | @daniellexblando

"Cool it with the kissing, you two, or I will the rip those strips off your face SO HARD."

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8. A li'l sibling love to get you through the day. 

Twitter | @amaddytaddy

Imagine what the world would be like if all siblings treated each other like this. *sigh.* My little sister steals my makeup.

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9. Shoutout to all of the people in the spotlight using their profile for good and doing things like this!

Twitter | @BengalsMarisa

This is so sweet that I think I might cheer for the Bengals now?

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10. Bubble mask? More like BAEbble mask.

YouTube | Alicia Benavidez

I'm not sure if there's any actual benefit to getting your boyfriend to rub in your mask instead of doing it yourself, but it's cute as heck, so who cares?!

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11. This is way cuter and way less annoying than dudes saying, "I prefer women with less makeup."

Twitter | @Evalopa

Also, "give me the money" is definitely the most compelling argument in this presentation.

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12. Honestly, some dads are just too sweet. 

Twitter | @alyssaaaaaaa17

And even though some parents can't tell a fidget spinner from a beauty tool, it's the gosh darn thought that counts, amirite? Thanks, daddy!

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13. Forget Victoria's Secret — this is the only kind of Pink I want to see.

Twitter | @krnjesse

They're fashion icons anyway, but together they make the most powerful style duo since Mary-Kate and Ashley.

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14. If Alliah's rocking a red dress in the kitchen, and her grandfather isn't there to hold her hands, did it even happen?

Twitter | @dawsonalliah

Why am I crying at prom right now?

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15. Enough with the sibling rivalries — we're all about siblings lying down on the floor and taking incredible pictures of each other.

Twitter | @JaeMajette

After all, that dress deserves only the best angles.

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16. In the end, I think we can all agree that yes, beauty can be a party of one affair. But it's very fun — or at least, helpful — to have another person there with you.

Twitter | @msemilymccombs

This is a fantastic idea, though.

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