19+ Heartwarming Pics That Bring The Grins

Whether it's headlines full of doom and gloom or just a day when nothing seems to go your way, everybody gets down in the mouth from time to time. It happens to the best of us. But getting your smile back isn't a chore, either.

For once, you can actually depend on the kindness of strangers, because it was all caught on camera and uploaded to the internet. Check out these examples of goodness and warmth that still exists in the world.

1. "Spotted in Carrollton (outside Dallas, Texas) yesterday. Truly inspired me," wrote Reddit user s2leafthief. "So today I went through my bathroom and linen closet and pantry and made boxes to donate."

Reddit | s2leafthief

The best acts of kindness are the ones that lead to even more acts of kindness.

2. When someone just wanted to leave a rose in a lake as a gesture of love for a lost husband but couldn't make it to the shore, a rowing coach completed their wish for them.

Twitter | @BVGSRowing

What absolute sweetness!

3. This little free pantry aims to help feed those in need in one corner of a small town, with sealed snacks anyone can take.

Reddit | MirrorlikeTent

You have to love neighbors who look out for each other!

4. There's no doubt that this devoted father's homemade birthday cake went over much better than a store-bought cake would have for his daughter's 20th.

Twitter | @CellyyCat

And hey, he did an amazing job on it, too!

5. This guy out taking pics in Yosemite National Park happened to catch an epic proposal in action, and he posted it to his Twitter to try to find the couple.

Twitter | @DippelMatt

Here's hoping he does, because I'm sure they'd love to have this incredible photo on their wall.

6. "So yesterday my country made marijuana legal and A LOT of people were celebrating. My grandmother turned 90 and with her dementia thought the whole country was celebrating for her," wrote Reddit user VanCanFan75. "They were, Amma. They were."

Reddit | VanCanFan75

I mean, they are now.

7. In 2018, you know it's just straight up, pure, meant-to-be love when you go from grade school meme to marriage.

Twitter | @_stfubarbara

By the way, if anyone says you're part of a weird couple, they're just jealous.

8. You know, it doesn't always take a grand display to turn someone's day around, just a nice gesture that shows you care.

Twitter | @_leemunro

And let's face it, chocolate never hurts either.

9. "This older gentleman was giving away home grown produce in front of a McDonald's in a lower income neighborhood," noticed Reddit user ikeepjumpingaccounts. "True hero."

Reddit | ikeepjumpingaccounts

"It was so wholesome I about cried. He's a retired farmer, and he gave a lot to the employees."

There's just something about people who make sure others get enough good food to eat that really strikes a chord with me.

10. This caretaker patiently wheeled his ward around this art gallery, stopping at every exhibit to read out each description.

Reddit | MoonLandingWuzFake

And, honestly, they both probably got more out of that gallery visit than most of us would. Kindness can be useful!

11. This little girl knows that Halloween isn't always about the frights and the scares — you can always go as your hero, like your grandma.

Reddit | rusy

And I think Grandma approves!

12. A grocery store planned a surprise party for one of their clerks known for making customers smile, just to show how much they appreciate her efforts.

Reddit | christ_0n_a_cracker

Proof that kindness breeds kindness!

13. You can't help smiling at this cougar just acting like a big ol' kitty, unable to resist the allure of a cardboard box. 

Reddit | NWcoffeeaddict

That's the look of pure feline bliss right there.

14. "My mother-in-law passed away last week. Here is her quilting legacy on the back of the pews before her funeral this morning. She will be missed," wrote Reddit user xxxKELLSTERxxx.

Reddit | xxxKELLSTERxxx

There's a lot of love in that beautiful work.

15. Anybody else want to give this kid a high five and double his allowance for being such a thoughtful, caring neighbor to this old lady?

Reddit | Behemoth_Nemoth

His parents are clearly doing something right!

16. "Each month my husband and I pick a weekend to give out 100 hamburgers in 100 minutes to those in need. Last month we gave out 168 in honor of my mom’s 68th birthday - and boy that was awesome!" wrote Reddit user sweeetgenius.

Reddit | sweeetgenius

Honestly, sounds like fun!

17. Right after this guy got his engineering degree, he took his parents home on his father's pedicab. 

Reddit | iMangeshSN

The same one that you just know a loving father pedaled to exhaustion every day to help pay for his son's education.

18. The sheer, infectious look of joy on this 74-year-old man's face as he rides a roller coaster with his granddaughter is absolutely inspiring.

Reddit | majahelenelarsen

He's not about to let COPD hold him back from enjoying some quality time with his loved ones.

19. This guy is just cleaning up trash along the road on his own time. He isn't obliged to do it for any other reason than he wants to live in a clean area.

Reddit | TheChatCenter

And he definitely deserves a high five for it!

20. "18 years ago my dad and I split open a rock with a hammer, thinking it was a geode. It wasn’t one. But we promised each other to hold on to our halves," wrote Reddit user Sweaty_Summer. 

Reddit | Sweaty_Summer

"He texted me the other day. I responded under a minute."

It might not be a geode, but it's still a touchstone of love.

21. About to board a flight, a guy handed out these cards to everyone he could find that he'd be sharing the plane with to get their assistance with his proposal.

Reddit | pezmonkey

And, good news, she said yes!

22. Who wouldn't want to be greeted by this face when they walk into the dentist's office?

Reddit | KoolFish1

Assuming you're not allergic, of course. But this dentist specializes in reducing patients' anxiety, which includes a therapy dog on staff.

23. This police officer is taking the time to help a kid whose bicycle broke in a parking lot.

Reddit | ZeroMcGhosterson

It's just a nice thing to do, and you have to imagine that he's showing the kid how to fix his bike as well.

24. When this library's window was found smashed one morning, locals showed their support by covering it up with hundreds of messages of love.

Reddit | OneEaredWonder

You don't go messing with a neighborhood's library!