12+ Photos We Need Explained Immediately

Diply 23 Oct 2018

A day in the life can be pretty mundane — wake up, get ready for the day, head to work or school, come home, talk about going to the gym, not go to the gym...

But here and there, while browsing our big beautiful interweb, we come across photos that feel like they hold a massive backstory. That story might not be one of value, but we can speculate that it's pretty damn funny.

1. Ugh, I hate pulling over for people who are just bad at driving. Like, take driver's ed, man.

Reddit | Reddit

It's even worse when they close an entire lane 'cause one person is being a nuisance like this guy.

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2. "Indognito."

Reddit | Reddit

When will sheeple wake up and realize this is far more than a funny picture to pass around the internet? It's a self-portrait of society. SMH. Be the dog, or accept your place in this world as a follower ?

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3. OMG! I love Michelangelo's work. 

Reddit | jursla

Just kidding, this is obviously not Renaissance art.

These iconic sculptures were initially carved out of yellow diamonds in 431 BC during the Peloponnesian War. They represent the importance of family values in ancient Greece.

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4. I am all for drinks with Sunday brunch — mimosas for the whole dang table! BUT...

Reddit | deskset

Or should I say butt? This sounds like a really crappy deal all around.

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5. Product placement is a fickle thing. 

Reddit | vorpik

Sometimes companies really hit it out of the park. Or, in this case, directly into the trailer park.

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6. There's cutting corners, and then there's cutting entire anatomy.

Reddit | SirMuffinCat

I mean, when you really look at that joey in the pouch, you just know there isn't much more than the eye can see. Pulling his small noodle body out only confirms our suspicions.

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7. This isn't what scientists wanted when they told us we share lots of DNA with other animals.

Reddit | CCCmonster

This is what I imagine the orcs in Lord of the Rings were thinking when they said, "looks like meat's back on the menu, boys."

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8. We need to know who her mother is. 


Because she clearly knows how to innovate, and to be honest, I need life hacks like this in my life.

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9. Upon first glance, this photo requires a lot of explaining.

Reddit | PoetProphet

Upon a second glance, though, I am still confused. What animal is this? And why does it look like there are bigger versions of it all over that driveway in the background?

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10. The thing about high-concept fine art is that there is always — and yet never — an explanation for its meaning.

Reddit | fancy_ices

Do I want to know more about this? Yes. Will I ever? Not likely. Such is the beauty of art.

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11. I don't need an explanation for this because I've already created my own.

Reddit | snoof123

This is the sweater you wear on the way to see your boo-thang ?.

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12. The only thing more goth than a skull is a skull that appears unexpectedly as a gift from mother nature.

Reddit | IndiaKiKhabar

Tell me more, though, like who planted this? And how did they manage to acquire the powers of underdog hero and vegan icon, Swamp Thing, and create such a spooky root?

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13. White Castle is really trying to hit every angle with this one.

Reddit | VladTheHungarian

I love when my 100% beef is made with a percentage of all-white chicken meat.

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14. "Someone was a bit too quick for the food court’s automatic doors..."

Reddit | finch093

Mostly, I just need this person to explain why they laid out all that foundation but didn't end up adding blush or contour.

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15. Look at this dog's face. He knows exactly what he did. 

Reddit | Rclix8

His list of regrets? None. His list of Christmas presents? Very long.

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16. "Time for some Halloween Yoga."

Reddit | reachmou

Their mobility is pretty great considering how stiff their joints look. I gotta take some tips from these boneheads.

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