12+ Costumes Straight From The Screen That Are Hallo-wins

Diply 23 Oct 2018

Halloween is probably the most fun fake holiday that the world has collectively accepted.

Dressing up as someone else in any capacity is pretty freakin' fun, but when you throw some of TV and film fan's most beloved characters into the mix, it gets reaaaaal interesting.

Here are some of our faves.

1. This family dressed as some of the characters from A Goofy Movie.

Reddit | habsfan101

This is super cute for a young family, but it's also cute in general — so if you're searchin' for a group costume, you've come to the right place.

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2. Wow, y'all did not have to be this adorable. 

Imgur | kempmastergeneral

Dressed as the flying house and Carl Fredricksen from Disney's UP, these two sweeties are absolutely crushing it. I'm actually glad they didn't include Carl's wife. Halloween is for fun, not for crying over a deceased animated character.

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3. When they remake Guardians of the Galaxy in, like, 30 years...

Imgur | JRRTokin

I hope they recruit a woman as badass as this one to play Star-Lord. She looks SO good! Move outta the way Chris Pratt.

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4. SOS. This is such a terrifying and excellent take of the nun from, well, The Nun (and The Conjuring).

Reddit | juanabanana

But also, I hate it so much and I never wanna see it again. ✌

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5. No matter how many times I see any rendition of IT, I still get the creeps every time.

Instagram | @tiptoefairy

Are y'all done? Clowns have terrorized us for long enough! Remember the creepy clown epidemic of 2016? It should have ended with the new year.

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6. Nicolas Cage is somewhere out there, cheering this small boy as Ghost Rider on. 

Reddit | yesImanaturalblue

And so are we. His parents absolutely crushed this 'ish. Everything he sacrificed was truly worth it.

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7. Sometimes you just gotta put a twist on things and become the actual VHS.

Reddit | Minnie_Boden

Do kids even know what a VHS is? Oh lord, I feel so old ?.

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8. Toy Story for two, huh. 

Imgur | OnePinkYoshi

There's nothing better than slinkin' around with your bestie as the cutest toy from Toy Story. As our good friend Andy says, "Now Slinky here is as loyal as any dog you could want."

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9. I mean, she's dressed as Eleven from Stranger Things...

Reddit | GlenMakes

But she's only about a fraction of Eleven's size, so we'll call her 0.11. Amirite? ?*finger guns*?

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10. “Welcome to Good Burger, home of the good burger. Can I take your order?”

Reddit | thekiddmane

This is a great costume if only for the fact that when you run out of things to talk about at that Halloween party, you can just quote Ed and run away. "“Bloobity Bloobity Bloobity Bloobity… Made ya laugh!” and YEET outta' there.

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11. There's nothing better than a boss dude being a bad bish like Spinelli for Halloween. 

Reddit | Chrissy_boy

To say he's crushing it is an understatement. The Ashleys are shaking!!!

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12. They're Mr. Meeseeks! Look at them!

Reddit | FightsWithForks

Mr. Meeseeks is perfect for a Halloween costume idea because his job is literally to serve one purpose and then expire. Rick and Morty fans know.

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13. This group went as different Bill Murray characters. 

Imgur | auburnkay

Which is obviously so iconic, there hardly needs to be an explanation. If you can name all seven, though, I'll be super impressed.

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14. "Peter Parker and Peter Barker."

Imgur | BrandonStewart415

There really isn't a better way to put this. So eloquently stated. Peter Parker is so satisfied with himself, and Peter Barker is owning it.

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15. This family is winning with their Addams Family portrait.

Imgur | Imgur

Morticia, Gomez, and Wednesday would be completely unphased by this. Which really means that this family crushed it.

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16. Doodlbob. That is all.

Imgur | jdschultze

It's wild how one episode of SpongeBob SquarePants has seeped into the depths of our society. Look at this man's face.

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