13+ Pics That Put Funny First

Diply 22 Oct 2018

Life's too short to take everything seriously all the time, and today we're ready to just let loose! This load of pics is all about the funny people out there in this big ol' world of ours.

So whether they're big and bold or small and satisfying — no double-entendre intended — these are the pics that put funny first!

1. Well, it definitely stands out. 

Instagram | Instagram

The key here is to get your personalized luggage really zoomed in on your face like that so everyone knows it's you. If they still question it, you just gotta lean in really close to them — uncomfortably so.

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2. "Yeah, boss, looks like I can't come in today." 

Instagram | @will_ent

I kinda feel like this is something Will Smith's character would pull if The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air was set in modern times. Is there anything that show didn't teach us?

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3. You might not think it at first, but a six-pack really adds a lot to your self-perception. 

Reddit | DiamondOak1010

Especially after actually drinking a few of them! This is the kind of body positivity and routine that I could really see myself getting into.

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4. If this is true, then Harry really is a Disney princess! 

Reddit | Ma_Name_Is_Jeff

I've read quite a few interesting Harry Potter theories before, but this one really changes things up. I mean, not entirely, but I do want to see him in a princess crossover flick, for sure.

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5. Clever — very clever.

Reddit | southerngoaway

Not sure how well it will work on self-deprecating millennials like me, but you would make hundreds of dollars in tips if you set this up in L.A.

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6. Laughter truly is the best medicine. 

Reddit | armorforalex

I am so here for doctors who go by the "Patch Adams" framework of medicine. I guarantee he has a red nose under that facemask.

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7. Well, that's just a bit disturbing there. 

Twitter | @c_rbon

Not that I don't appreciate the artistry of it all, I just don't want anyone's face around me while I'm squeezin' the cookie dough, ya know?

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8. The importance of this image is not exaggerated.  

Instagram | @kalesalad

This absolute unit of a turtle knows exactly what kind of shorts to wear — ones that show of that thicc shell.

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9. Ah, my favorite place to eat out. 

Reddit | [deleted]

Alright, I feel like if I riff on that any more, I'm going to get fired. Get your minds out of the gutter, people, this is a family site!

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10. Hey, a girl's gotta eat!

Reddit | Yoyojelly

Excuuuuse me if your basic meals are all you enjoy — some of us prefer to eat with a little class. Yes, even on the subway, why?

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11. Suddenly, Susans! (Like, 5 people will get that reference...)

Instagram | @kalesalad

We might want to consider the fact that this is one Susan, and she's just shady enough to have, like, a dozen phones. Trust me, it's always a Susan.

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12. I like this dog. I feel like I can relate to this dog. 

Reddit | LaidBackSociety

This is basically what my face looks like throughout the day, trying to find just the right pics for you guys to look at and judge too. We are all this good boy.

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13. Special treatment at the office?! Looks like they really Bent over backwards for him.

Reddit | michellenicolell

Sometimes, the smallest change makes the biggest difference. Bet he never thought he'd have his own personal washroom one day...

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14. I mean, technically, they're doing nothing wrong. 

Imgur | TheWagbag

It doesn't say anything about triple-stacking, so if I know anything about physics — which I don't — everything should work out juuuuust fine.

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15. I'm really liking this style and would love it if it had a few HDMI inputs!

Imgur | tijaum

And with the Nintendo Switch being so portable, this might just be the perfect setup.

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16. "My dad’s friend hit his thumb with a hammer and the bruise looks sad." 

Reddit | Galactic_Cannibal

Sometimes things just work themselves out. Ironically, that frown could turn yours upside-down.

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