16+ People Who Are All Out Of Luck

Paddy Clarke 17 Feb 2020

There are a lot of things in this life that are there to test us and push us to our limits. These can be things like terrifying illnesses, poor customer service, or our in-laws!

While some lucky people can spend their days without such stressful lifestyle factors, the majority of us aren't so lucky. And, some unlucky folks have even more reason to be worried than the rest of us, such as these 16+ people who have a reason to be concerned.

1. "Mother-in-law just served me this piece of cake..."

Reddit | SaltyDogBiscuit

Well, that's a pretty on the nose sentiment. Isn't it wonderful when you get on with your in-laws!

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2. "Ignored my girlfriend's texts after a tough shift at work. She took her frustration out on my TV, RIP big guy."

Reddit | zzaman

Wow, talk about an overreaction! I wonder if they're still together after this little altercation.

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3. "Little girl is skeptical & who can blame her? The bear is her size, talks, and makes strange eye contact at all times."

Reddit | rba22

She's really grilling that teddy bear! Sure, it may look like a cute and innocent teddy bear, but you should never trust anything in this life!

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4. "Buddy ordered a baby Yoda doll. On the left is what he thought he ordered. On the right is what came in the mail."

Reddit | MrBokudu

That little guy on the right looks like baby Yoda if it got hit in the face repeatedly with a 2x4.

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5. "He really wanted his photo at the Halloween party, but was super scared of the spiders behind him."

Reddit | Thundaskank

If he was only dressed up as Luigi then this would have been an amazing promo photo for Luigi's Mansion!

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6. "Lake Taupo, New Zealand-Hostel Pool Rules. The safest Pool in all of Middle Earth."

Reddit | Leviathan47

I dread to think what accident happened to make them think that they need to specify that those specific things are forbidden! Must have been on hell of a pool party.

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7. "Apparently I'm allergic to every grass and tree species in my state."

Reddit | CnRhin

This guy either needs to consider moving, or finding a way to have antihistamines constantly pumped into him!

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8. "Wiener of Shame!"

Reddit | rebirthofrad

The escape-proof wiener bun of shame sounds like the Harry Potter book that we didn't get but absolutely need.

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9. "Raising your anchor to find an unexploded torpedo."

Reddit | Drpenner

"Oh, I think it's stuck on something."

"Just give it an extra hard yank, it's probably a rock!"

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10. "I don't think Kermit remembered his safe word."

Reddit | shavertech

I'd be getting on the security cameras and making a note of which kid did this, then keeping a close eye on them!

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11. "Portion of a building didn't come down during a scheduled demolition this morning. I give you the new leaning tower of Dallas."

Reddit | Bootray181

The person who set up the explosives for that demolition is in for a rough conversation with their boss!

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12. "Torn hammy."

Reddit | IJusHerSoIDntGetFind

Not that is how you pull a muscle! This level of damage could take months to heal before this person is back to full health.

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13. "Today I was extremely sad and thought 'I can't wait to go home and see my cat'. Ok well I found out he was more depressed than me."

Reddit | gianlucadelonge

That cat needs some catnip stat! It looks like it has lost its job, broken up with its partner, and received an eviction notice all on the same day.

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14. "My girlfriend is afraid of coronavirus. I'm afraid of her toothpaste."

Reddit | djtshirt

There is nothing that can be done to help this kind of psychopath. The person who posted this's girlfriend actually found the thread and shared her lack of concern about having her toothpaste like this.

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15. "If you thought smoking at a gas pump was bad..."

Reddit | Xplosiv27

I'm certain that they would have installed some kind of safety feature for these scenarios; however, in my head I can't help but imagine all of the water crackling with electricity like a video game level.

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16. "Just transferred to new apartment...with some interesting neighbors"

Reddit | Scrullo

Living next to the Justice League would be great on paper, but a nightmare in reality! Can you imagine the amount of cosmic chaos that would be turning up at your doorstep every hour of the day?

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17. "Spotted in Brighton on Valentine's Day."

Reddit | i_jizz_nails

And they said that there was no way to make coronavirus romantic! Well, read it and weep naysayers!

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18. "Worst fortune cookie ever."

Reddit | ler93

Welp, that's gonna suck! Whoever was writing these fortunes was obviously having a really bad day!

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19. "On my kayak and went past a sunken kayak identical to mine..."

Reddit | iMaggsy

Nothing screams "This is a reliable kayak" quite like seeing the same kayak ominously capsized and abandoned on a riverbed.

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20. "Bit concerned about the guy who just bought in at seat 7..."

Reddit | fLukeozade

Sure, they may look like a good boy, a very good boy indeed, but at the poker table, they're an animal!

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