DIYer Transforms 'Useless Space' In Backyard Into An Oasis

If you're lucky enough to have a nice backyard, I'm so happy for you. I dream of one day chilling in my very own backyard oasis.

For now, I will have to satisfy myself by admiring other people's handy work until I am able to embark on my own creative project. Turns out some people are really good at this so I gotta take some notes for when I need it. Take a look at this transformation from Imgur user DFA1979.

I guess this person got so tired of the "useless space" in their backyard that they decided to actually do something about it.

Imgur | DFA1979

They got to work giving it a makeover.

They started out with douglas fir 4x4 posts cemented into the ground.

Imgur | DFA1979

Then, they went for the Venetian blind look. No more peeking through the alley but still plenty of breeze coming through.

I gotta say, I'm really digging what they're trying to accomplish here.

Imgur | DFA1979

I'm a sucker for that whole natural wood look, so this is right up my alley for sure.

I dunno how long this might've taken them to do, but if I were to guess it would be quite a while to complete this interesting and awesome look.

Imgur | DFA1979

That's a lot of manual labor.

They actually ended up using about $900 worth of cedarwood.

Imgur | DFA1979

After it was stained, it finally started looking really good at this point. Don't you think?

Now it was time to cover the 4x4s with 1x8 cedar boards with routered edges and dog-ear tops.

Imgur | DFA1979

It's starting to come together.

Here's the full view of the back gate and fence.

Imgur | DFA1979

The door weighed about 75 pounds, so they used some pretty heavy hinges and Deckmate 2.5" screws.

Then, they had to take care of this whole lotta nothing and turn it into a usable space.

Imgur | DFA1979

Originally they were just going to turn it into a parking spot.

Now came time to dig a trench for the blocks.

Imgur | DFA1979

They used 4x4 posts to bring them up to the 2x6 bracing that went across.

Then they laid and leveled deck blocks.

Imgur | DFA1979

They used small 4x4 posts to make the 2x6 posts level. The deck blocks have a perfect fit on top for a 4x4.

Finally, I'm starting to see the light at the end of this creative project's tunnel.

Imgur | DFA1979

I bet they were happy the project was getting on its way here.

Here's a look at the final result.

Imgur | DFA1979

The sidewalk is made of 8x8 cement squares with pea gravel in between. They also built a fence to hide the neighbors' mess as well.

It looks like not only do the owners of this patio love their new cozy space, but their furry friend is also enjoying it.

Imgur | DFA1979

I would too if I were him.

Are you a fan of creative backyard projects?

Have you embarked on making something in your backyard before? I gotta say I'm pretty impressed with this handy work.