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Loaded Pancake Boards Are Changing The Brunch Game

People love charcuterie boards, and you know why? People like sharing. They like a mix-mash of foods and they like to be entertained, both by and with their food. I don't know about you, but I also love just picking at food all night as opposed to tackling one large meal.

That's why we should all be making pancake boards for the ultimate weekend brunch.

How good does this pancake platter look?

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Well, the kids call them "pancake boards," and we are completely on board.

The premise of the pancake board is like any other charcuterie-type board.

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Lay out your pancakes in a fun design along with any other breakfast foods you think would make a great pairing.

I like the addition of bacon and scrambled eggs on this one.

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This time, however, they take a back seat role in the breakfast or brunch show.

Load the board with bowls of berries, whipped cream, syrup, and jams so that your guests can really dress up their pancakes for the ultimate brunch mood.

Completely Delicious

Find this delectable board by Completely Delicious on her blog.

Don't forget the Nutella!

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Or peanut butter.

And don't forget to combine them either for the best flavor combo a pancake ever did see.

Give your guests some pancake options, too.

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Chocolate chip, blueberry, raspberry, banana, and even Funfetti are great flavors.

Make 'em bite-sized for easy snacking.

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The beauty of food boards is getting your hands dirty.

Making your pancakes into bite-sized coins keeps that fun alive.

Have you ever seen a brunch spread so beautiful?

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This board is pure art and deserves its own exhibit at the Museum of Brunch. That doesn't actually exist, but it totally should.

What sorts of things would you put on your pancake board? Let us know!

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