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15+ Creepy Pics That Certainly Aren't For The Faint Of Heart

I think it's reasonable to say that we tend to have a pretty complicated relationship with the night. While we might find that it's the most peaceful part of our day when we're staying in or the most fun when we're going out, there's also something about it that can easily unsettle us.

Not only that, but the difference between a night that feels comfortable and atmospheric and one that feels like danger could be lurking around every corner often comes down to a nebulous vibe that we can't really explain. Sure, going into a park at night is a terrible idea, but even our own backyards can feel totally different even if nothing's changed about them.

So even though the feelings we develop when the vibe isn't right aren't easy to put into words, we can certainly recognize them when a picture brings them out in us. And whether they actually take place at night or not, these ones fit that chilling bill.

This photo was apparently lying around in their cabin, which was their father's childhood home.

Reddit | Sukkerfri-tyggegummi

I suppose it's possible that they just had a relative with a particularly haunting stare, but that cabin is in serious trouble if the dad doesn't recognize this person.

That's how horror movies start.

These statues are apparently just waiting to be stumbled upon in the Tiergarten district of Berlin.

Reddit | saft-punk

And since they were apparently moved to a small lot from the park they were supposed to be in, the context for them is less clear and everyone who comes across them is just silently judged.

It also proves that painting something in bright colors doesn't always make it less intimidating.

However you may feel looking at this stick bug, it seems like it would be more uncomfortable to touch.

Reddit | r33znor

There's something about a bunch of little legs going in all sorts of random directions that really brings on the creepy crawlies.

What is it about off-brand Mickey Mouse costumes that always make them turn out terrifying?

Reddit | _chef_boi_r_d

While this little girl looks like she's not sure what's she supposed to be looking at either, I have to commend her for how she's handling this ghastly sight.

In summer, the gardens of Versailles are probably majestic to behold. In winter, the vibe is a little...different.

Reddit | rampant_bisexual

Apparently, the statues are covered in this way to protect them from the long-term effects of frost.

I can hardly blame you if the ghostly results just make you feel like you're not welcome, though.

Apparently, a brewery in Japan decided to use this friendly fellow as decoration.

Reddit | no_remorse_needed

It's supposed to be the skeleton of a sea creature known as a Kappa, but that just makes what it actually is all the more mysterious.


Sometimes, we can find ourselves less scared of someone and more scared for them.

Reddit | t-h-a-t-o-n-e-8-6

For instance, this man in Egypt is fixing some pipes, but the circumstances in which he's doing it look a lot like my worst nightmare.

Everything about this just makes the word "NOPE" scream inside my head.

Those feelings get worse when we have every indication that something terrible happened to someone.

Reddit | MilleniumDinner

According to Hawaii News Now, this photo was taken by a teen who disappeared at the Big Island's Kulana'ahane Trail back in 2015.

It was sent to his family and heightened suspicions about the man peeking his head out from this shrubbery. At last report, the teen was never found and this man was never identified.

While some landmark discoveries have been made when the soil gives way, it's also true that some of them hit closer to home than some ancient fossils.

Reddit | Parnello

When this tree fell, for instance, it revealed a grisly sight: A man's skeleton of unclear origins.

While there's at least some context for this bizarre sight, that doesn't make it any more comforting to behold.

Reddit | MrJlock

This driver is apparently a member of a union of workers responsible for removing roadkill from highways, bridges, and tunnels.

That at least explains why roadkill adorns their truck, of all things, but it still does nothing to clarify why this seemed like a good idea.

While cemeteries are a classic example of a spooky place, it feels even more unsettling when one is walking through a makeshift graveyard like this.

Reddit | TheWombat123

While it's possible that these are family plots or burial sites for pets that people had good reason to dig themselves, the number of graves we see here is a little worrying.

Whether this is true or not, it looks as though a disaster occurred that only left someone in the distant past enough time to make the quickly adorned graves we see here.

I suppose these giant, dead-eyed baby statues look less imposing on these stairs than they would looming over the roof, but they're still pretty weird.

Reddit | Mapoleon_the_cat

At least their size gives us an excuse to find another staircase beyond simple eerie feelings.

The piercing gaze of this skull is already a little hard to look at before you realize it's real.


Although this citizen of the ancient Aztec empire likely didn't have their face covered with a turquoise mosaic when they died, that decoration along with the gold pieces in their eyes make this a truly surreal sight.

Although it's becoming increasingly likely that we might need to get used to the taste of bugs in the future, that doesn't make this look any more appealing.

Reddit | tlawrey20

Yeah, I'm not sure there will be a lot of takers for this container of wasp Ramen. At least that keeps coworkers from stealing your lunch?

With that harrowing event in mind, it's no surprise that this uploader took similar precautions when he was alone with a mysterious figure.

Reddit | WolfOfMaine

Although he made it home safely, he sent these photos to his family in case he ended up like the aforementioned Hawaiian teen.

What bothered him the most was that in the blink of an eye, the black figure in the photo on the right seemed to disappear completely, which the photo on the left indicates.

Maybe the thought of being recorded warded it off?

All I can tell you about this unnerving scene is that it's in a tunnel deep underneath Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Reddit | LastTrainToHome

Between the weird chains suspending this teddy bear's twisted bench and the murky, rusty water underneath, this goes a long way to show us that any place can have some dark secrets lying beneath it.

It would be pretty hard to stumble across this without letting out a startled yelp.

Reddit | Mwsimp

This is supposed to be a figure of a mythical hybrid animal called a Wolpertinger, but it doesn't seem particularly well-executed even with that in mind.

It's definitely weird enough to stand out, though.

Sometimes, we're lucky enough that the things that look deeply disturbing aren't actually such a big deal.

Reddit | antpell

For instance, these aren't the bizarre tendrils of some unknown life form, but rather what chocolate sauce looks like when it's drooping down into a melting ice cube.

When something won't stop peering into our bedrooms, getting sleep is basically impossible.

Reddit | umtklnc

And of course, the longer that we don't know what it is, the more our imaginations fill in the blanks in the most terrible ways possible.

If that weren't enough, it'll feel pretty embarrassing when we find out this was just our neighbor's cut-out of a Star Wars character or something the next morning.

Normally, this witchcraft exhibit would just be a fascinating look at ritual items throughout the world and across time.

Reddit | dark-whisperer

However, it gets a little harder not to be creeped out when you realize that the centerpiece exhibit is a real, charred skull.

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