8+ Stars Who Appeared On 'Criminal Minds' That Fans Forgot About

As one of the longest-running shows on CBS, there was bound to be some celeb appearances on Criminal Minds over the years.

Some played friends to the BAU and others, well, were certainly foes.

Here are 10+ stars who once appeared on Criminal Minds.

1. Bellamy Young


Fans will likely know Bellamy from her time as Mellie Grant on Scandal.

She appeared in a total of seven episodes of Criminal Minds in Seasons 7 and 8 as Beth Clemmons, the love interest of Thomas Gibson's Aaron Hotchner.

2. James Van Der Beek


You say James Van Der Beek and most of us start to think about Dawsons Creek.

He joined Criminal Minds in Season 2 when he played Tobias Hankel, a man with Dissociative Identity Disorder.

This meant that his other personalities were quite dangerous.

3. Audrey Plaza


She's most known for hilarious work on Parks and Recreation.

But things took a turn for the dramatic when she played a hitwoman on the crime series.

"I just thought playing that role would be really fun," she told "Cinema Blend."

"There aren’t many opportunities for me to play a psychopath that has planted a bomb in a restaurant and who’s holding a gun under a table trying to kill an FBI agent. That’s some juicy stuff. I don’t care what show it’s on," she said.

4. Jennifer Love-Hewitt


Her acting career has been rooted in television, with shows that are not unlike Criminal Minds.

This includes Ghost Whisperer, Party of Five, and 9-11.

She was on "Criminal Minds" in Season 10 as Kate, a supervisory special agent.

She left after a year when she became pregnant with her second child.

5. Jane Lynch


It's hard to think of the Glee actress in a serious role since she normally does comedy, but she got dramatic when she joined Criminal Minds for a recurring role.

She played Diana, the mother of Dr. Reid.

6. Aaron Paul


Before he was Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul who said one particular swear word a lot, he was on Criminal Minds.

In the episode "The Popular Kids," Paul was against the BAU as a satanist who wore a lot of eyeliner.

7. Mark Hamill


The Star Wars actor, most known for playing Luke Skywalker in the original films, turned to the Dark Side in Criminal Minds.

He played John Curtis, a serial killer who went by the name, The Replicator.

He was also the one who killed Erin Strauss, the BAU Section Chief.

8. Frankie Muniz


After Malcolm in the Middle ended, the actor appeared in Season Three of Criminal Minds.

His character, Johnny, was a far cry from the humorous nature on Malcom in the Middle as his character went through a lot of traumatic events.

This caused him to have a psychotic break and become a serial killer.

9. Cameron Monaghan


If you want to see Shameless's Ian Gallagher as a child, then look no further than his appearance on Criminal Minds.

He played Jeffrey Charles in the episode called "The Boogeyman."

The BUA thought they were looking for a serial killer who was an adult, so it was a huge shock when they discovered that he was actually a child.

They helped prevent Cameron's character from killed Tracy Belle, played by Elle Fanning.

10. Elle Fanning


We can't just mention Elle Fanning briefly and leave it at that.

As you know, the Maleficent actress played Tracy Belle. After getting kidnapped by Jeffery Charles, she kicked her kidnapper and got away.

11. Michelle Trachtenberg


It's hard to think of one TV show that the actress hasn't been in.

She was in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Gossip Girl, and, of course, Criminal Minds.

She joined the show for the 2013 episode "Zugzwang," where she played a scary stalker.