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Dog's Incredible Beard Earns Him The Nickname 'Chewbacca'

Most dog owners are used to getting the odd comment while out on walks. It could be a simple "Aw, how cute!" or a request to give the pupper a pet.

All dogs are good dogs and get attention for it, but some dogs have that extra little something that means their humans probably need to plan for every walk taking double the time estimated.

And this dog named Nuts is obviously one of those puppers.

Instagram | @petite.griffon.nuts

I mean, of course everyone who sees that beard needs to stop and appreciate it.

Look at it! Hipster boys everywhere are green with envy.

Nuts is a Brussels Griffon.

Instagram | @petite.griffon.nuts

The breed is known to have notable facial hair, but Nuts' is special even among his own kind.

Of course, the internet has given this doggo an obvious nickname: Chewbacca.

Instagram | @petite.griffon.nuts

Yeah, I see it.

Apparently, Nuts' favorite thing is water and swimming in it.

Could he teach my dogs that? Because bath time is traumatic in this household.

According to his human, Tatiana Kovalenok, he even reacts to the phrase "Wanna go bathing?" the way most dogs react to "Wanna treat?"

And that's pretty incredible.

If you'd like a regular fill of Nuts and his beard, follow him on Instagram @petite.griffon.nuts.

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