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19+ People Who Have The Right Idea

Some people have the ability to read a situation and effortlessly find the best outcome possible. These are the enviable people who do things in life that make you think, "Christ, I wish I'd have thought of that!"

Whether they be witty with their words or just general geniuses, these people deserve to be heralded as pioneers in today's society. And so, without further ado, it is my absolute great pleasure to introduce to you 19+ people who have the right idea!

"Things I Say"

Reddit | matts41

I think you could add a real steady decrease in saying "Wow" from age 3 over time. Life really stops surprising you after a while doesn't it?

"Little girl is skeptical & who can blame her? The bear is her size, talks, and makes strange eye contact at all times"

Reddit | rba22

How would you like it if someone randomly put a bear the size of you in your house? A bear that talks to you and stuff? Actually, that'd be pretty awesome.

"This person is living in 2040"

Reddit | BDoog5000

Can't argue with that logic. If I'd have thought of that I wouldn't have ever stopped holding that sign up, even when it didn't have any relevance to the situation I was in.

"Game of Loans."

Reddit | PoonSwoggle

Much like Game Of Thrones, taking a student loan seems like a great idea, and you even have a lot of fun with it, until you get to the end and you realise it was a bit of a disappointment.

"Happy Valentine's Day!"

Reddit | FairchildIV

My personal favorite is "Send Noods", which one would you want to receive?

"Toaster Bacon"

Reddit | kingsaw100

Toaster bacon. It's so obvious and so simple. How has no one thought of this before? I mean, it'll likely kill you, but I'm still curious as to how it tastes.

"Easy Meal Prep Ideas"

Reddit | ShadowsDecoy

I mean, I'd swap out Burger King for any other burger chain and then it's perfect. I think Burger King's wet buns and bland meats suck... and yeah, that was incredibly phallic but whatever!

"On the door of my son's class...Ethan has the right idea."

Reddit | jakeg1086

Oh Ethan, it will be a long time before you realise how much your naivety has brightened the world!

"Valentine's day schedule."

Reddit | swapnilsatardey

Ahahaha, that really is so funny, absolutely hilarious, such wit. *Stares out of the window as a single tear emerges

"Muzzle shaped like a bill"

Reddit | Ftballmstr

I don't think I've ever seen a more adorable dog in my entire life. It combines the two finest animals, dogs and ducks, how could anything be more perfect?

Van Seeking Sponge

Reddit | OldDeadEyez

Since the rise of the internet, writing things on dirty vans has really become an art form in its own right, and the world is better for it.

"Good Thinking"

Reddit | maxawesomeman21

I can think of a fair few bars I've been in during my time that I would actually advise putting this up in.

"This guy has the right idea"

Reddit | wreck16

Another thing that no one has ever said is, "That Nissan Cube looks nice!" Have you ever seen one of those devils? They look like they were designed by someone who buys their clothes at Sainsbury's.

"A buddy of mine seemed to think stick sun screen was a good idea."

Reddit | iwaspresidentonce

I mean, it was a good idea putting sunscreen on, the trick is to put it on all over though!

"I am at Target, and there’s a lady here who has plugged a housephone into a phone jack at the in-store Starbucks. She’s making plans with a friend..."

Reddit | FrancescaMcG

Bringing new meaning to the term "Mobile phone". Sometimes you need to change plans last second, and what better way to do it?

"My husband's idea of a gender reveal cake"

Reddit | Lemongrass29

Someone quite aptly pointed out in the comments that, regardless of the sex, this dad has already mastered the subtle art of the dad joke. This bodes well for the future!

"Underwear thinks this is a good idea, but cereal doesn't?"

Reddit | PatrickAU

This is an incredibly valid point now I think about it. The guy who works for this underwear company is in the wrong line of business! (There's a sentence I never thought I'd say)

"Did we really need this?"

Reddit | wcollins260

Quite frankly, I think we do. If there is literally anything that can be done to make Uno less likely to cause an argument, it should be done.

Finally A Workout Plan I Can Get On Board With!

Reddit | red-rebel-lion

Now there is nothing to stop me from getting ripped! Unless I just start drinking with a straw instead, lifting the beer is the most difficult part of drinking after all.

"A Rubik's cube that can never be wrong."

Reddit | iAwesome404

I knew someone who peeled off all of the stickers on their Rubik's cube once and re-stuck them on to make it look like they had completed it. It did not look good.

"I finally found good use for my meal prep containers."

Reddit | TheTonz

This is an adult embracing their inner child in the best possible way. There would be no way my mother would have allowed me to have such an extravagant breakfast as a child! You do you!

"Fancy people poop gold."

Reddit | OliverMarkusMalloy

Yes! You can finally live the life you always wanted thanks to glittery poop pills! Add that little spice to your time in the bathroom today!

"Roasting a giant marshmallow."

Reddit | lavinshaven58

Anything that includes the words "giant marshmallow" is the kind of idea I can get on board with!

"Getting pretty creative in China these days..."

Reddit | drink_or_die

In fairness, I think there would be a lot of benefits to having one of these installed all year round. You never know what people are gonna be sneezing about your cab!

"Sausage and mashed potato birthday cake."

Reddit | ProfStorm

And there is the only thing I want for my birthday sorted out in one simple, delicious, mashed-potato-y idea.

"Cow poop gambling."

Reddit | Schockydoc4

People really will gamble on anything! So, why not gamble on something that has the amazing added bonus of cows! Cows make everything better in this world after all!

"Striking resemblance."

Reddit | Random-Barbarian

If you've got someone that everyone says you look like, a lot of the time it is just better to own it! At least he didn't go full chicken suit.

Happy Valentine's Day

Reddit | lostproton

Everyone has that one toxic relationship that you keep being pulled back towards even when you know it is a bad idea.

"Meanwhile in Czech Republic."

Reddit | Tetro123

I both love and want these socks so much! However, I dread to think how many things that I would trip over due to getting the little handles caught on things.

"Monopoly Cheaters Edition!"

Reddit | gollystruck

Finally there is a version of Monopoly specifically designed for how me and my family play. What's the point of playing monopoly fairly and by the rules, that's just like living your normal life!

"My father has dementia & needs to start wearing depends, so I made a fake ad for 'Disposable Sports Underwear' so he can use them without shame."

Reddit | katkrystal

This is actually quit sweet, it is important to try and help keep our elderly relatives feeling comfortable in themselves especially when facing illnesses such as dementia which can take so much from a person.

The Controversial One

Reddit | bicakes-and-cinnamon

Call me crazy, but I think this is a great idea and really want to try it! Do you think that this would be up your street? Or your worst nightmare?

I Mean, They're Not Wrong!

Reddit | afk2102

I hate that those faux-uplifting messages are always telling me that when one door closes, a window opens! What if I don't want to climb out of a window? I'm an adult!

"Well played Flight Centre."

Reddit | smackthegaby

Anything can be the perfect marketing strategy if you're fast enough! Even politically charged divisions in royal families!

Romance Isn't Dead

Reddit | Doctor_Nutsack

You simply can't beat proper homemade mac and cheese! Throw some bacon on that and you've got a gourmet meal!