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12+ Matching Tattoos That Are Perfect To Get With Your BFF

There's nothing that says "friends forever" like matching tattoos.

Whether you have one best friend, two, or even a whole bunch, these tattoos will help inspire you to hit up your local tattoo shop ASAP.

Just keep swimming.

Look how sweet these Dorys are! The detail here is crazy — you can see the spots across Dory's little nose!

You and your best friend can wear matching reminders to just keep swimming. How cute is that?

Grab your travel buddy.

These tattoos are so cute! Minimalism is a very popular tattoo style, and these two minimal, "same but different" tattoos compliment each other beautifully.

Something about those dotted lines reminds me of Indiana Jones movies, and I am not mad about it.

Go for some stunning line work.

These incredible tattoos are all one line. The design only has one end and one beginning, perfectly outlining the women inside the sun and moon.

Having something this beautiful on your body would be an honor, tbh.

Gotta ink 'em all.

Pokémon and Nintendo stans, unite! These adorable matching tattoos feature similar colors and themes, but different genders of each Pokémon.

How cute are the Nidoking and Nidoqueen? Now I need to think about what Pokémon I'd get tattooed...

Don't be afraid to have your own style preferences.

If you and your BFF can't agree on the same style for your tattoo, don't stress. You can get the same theme with the same elements, but in your own style!

Show your true Potter colors.

This tattoo is genius in its subtlety. At first glance, it looks like a simple, colorful owl. But look a little closer — it's actually Hedwig on top of the Elder wand!

Keep it simple.

Save those bees! These honeycomb finger tattoos are perfectly minimal. Having them be the inverse of each other is such a nice touch.

Make sure you're prepared for finger tattoos, though. They're painful, and they require more touch-ups than regular tattoos!

Find a meaningful sound.

Maybe you and your best friend have a favorite song or saying. You can turn that into a tattoo!

Simply use a website that can turn sounds into soundwaves, pick your favorite part, and bring that to your tattoo artist!

Hand each other some space.

These are honestly so cute and creative. After you decide which of you wants the sun and which wants the moon, you can tattoo a reminder to bring each other light and balance.

Keep the same palette.

So, you can't settle on a theme, let alone a whole matching design. No problem! Instead, pick the same color palette, pick symbol that means something to you, and add in a small matching element that you both like.

Take it to the hills.

There's something so cool about seeing matching tattoos in different styles!

This couple loved the mountains in Colorado so much that they got tattoos of them in their own preferred styles.

Sip it up.

Wine culture, but make it celestial.

These friends really liked the idea of a sun and moon, but it needed a little something extra. Enter the wine glasses. This is frankly iconic behavior, not gonna lie.

You may as well nerd out in style.

I mean, the actual Avengers cast has matching Avengers tattoos, so why shouldn't you?

These gorgeous logo tattoos have a ton of detail in them — you have to zoom in to see how amazing they are.

Powerpuff Girls to the max.

How frickin' cute are these?

Honestly, the hardest part of getting these tattoos would be deciding who gets Blossom, who gets Bubbles, and who gets Buttercup. I'm a Blossom girl, myself.

Follow your arrow.

Your BFF is that one person who can steer you through the most challenging parts of life. Remind each other of this guiding force with a classic arrow design.

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