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10+ Celebs Who Had Fans Redefining Beauty Standards

The following article will be about celebrities who are beautiful, but different from what Hollywood would like you to believe are beautiful. They're redefining your beauty standards. Instead of being typical muscled men or skinny, blonde women, these are the people who go outside of the box to make us swoon.

1. Javier Bardem

20th Century Fox

His look is far from conventional, and yet there is something so alluring about not only his presence but the aura that he radiates. And when he does a Spanish accent...

2. Joaquin Phoenix

Warner Bros.

Joaquin Phoenix's look has only become more refined with age. Despite what Wendy Williams may think of the actor, he's got these steely blue eyes that seem to pierce your very soul.

3. Zendaya

When Zendaya got dreads, everyone was hating on her. Or, at least people who didn't think she looked beautiful with them. And yet, she was strong and proud in her decision.

She even took time to expertly silence the haters:

"There is already harsh criticism of African American hair in society without the help of ignorant people who choose to judge others based on the curl of her hair".

Rock on, Zendaya!

4. Winnie Harlow

She's from Canada (woo) and she's redefining your version of beauty standards by being a model. Sounds same old same old, until you realize Harlow has vitiligo, which means there are parts of her skin that are pigmented.

5. Rami Malek


Rami Malek is proving himself to be one of the greatest actors of our generation. The man is a tour de force. He's the kind of guy you can't ignore, and part of that is because of his unique look.

His bulging, grey eyes...


His jagged, almost sharp face. His look is certainly unique, and it is one that you can't take your eyes off of. Not even for a single, solitary second.

6. Ashley Graham

Instagram | @ashleygraham

Probably the most famous plus-sized model out there, she was one of the first women to tell the world that it's okay to not fit in to Hollywood's standards of weight.

7. Rain Dove

She's androgynous, she's unapologetic, she's a lesbian and here is the most shocking part of it all: she's one of the biggest models in the world right now. Good for her!

8. Tess Holliday

Considered to be one of the most famous plus-sized models, she (like Ashley Graham) has been challenging Hollywood's ideals of what beauty can be. We need more women like her out there!

9. Adrien Brody


He's got a unique look, and that's why we love him. A big nose sure, but those eyes that angle upward, his thin yet masculine body... All of these are huge pluses.

10. Alicia Keys

Alicia may adhere to some of Hollywood's beauty standards, but here's one important thing she's doing: she's not wearing makeup anymore. She's showing women can be beautiful without layers of the stuff.

11. Adam Driver


In the eyes of the average producer or casting agent, Adam Driver may not be your first choice. He has big ears, a large nose, and hair that wings down his head.

But, he's got so many great other qualities...


That may go over that aforementioned producer's head. Like his amazing stature, he towers over people. He's got a very stern look, perfect for villains. And that voice, oh lord, that voice.