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Robert Irwin Is Spitting Image Of Steve Irwin In New Pic

Robert Irwin is part of the amazing legacy that is the Irwin family.

The family dedicates themselves to saving animals and running a zoo that is more like a sanctuary, in which they care for all kinds of wildlife in Australia.

Steve Irwin, who was a global treasure to many, passed away years ago while on the job.

But he made sure that as he had children, they were brought up the same way he was, with the same values.

Steve was known for the love he has for all wildlife, and for the measures he took to make sure they had safe spaces.

Australia Zoo

His children and wife have all continued to carry on his legacy through their zoo and in their personal lives.

His son, Robert Irwin recently posted this picture of himself cuddling with a koala bear, and it is literally the sweetest thing ever.

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You could probably guess the fan reaction: people flipped out.

He looks like a copy of his father, and it made us all very emotional!

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