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13+ Tweets For Folks Who Grew Up In A Small Town

Growing up in a big city can have it's challenging — the busyness, the constant buzz of life no matter what time of the night, and the constant temptation of 24hr takeaways. However, growing up in a small town can pose its own problems, such as being caught in traffic behind tractors, knowing everyone in your town on a personal basis, and a lack of 24hr takeaways!

That being said, there are also a lot of positives about growing up in a small town, and sometimes it can be difficult to realize this until you move away. So, whether you grew up in a small town and moved away, or you still live there, here are 13+ tweets for folks who grew up in a small town!

Wanna Go For A Drive?

Sometimes you may try and find a new route to drive around, but most of the time you just end up doing the same route as always. Exciting.

It's So Quirky!

There really is something about growing up in a small town that makes you crave bigger and bigger thrills, but those thrills are just drinking and poor decisions on village greens.

"Where Are You From?"

"It's sort of near the moon?"

'Oh! I've heard of the moon!"


I'd love to add in a selection of tractors into city centres, just so that people in cities can experience how slow a tractor really goes and how infuriating it is to be stuck behind one.

We Have Our Own Things!

'Oh, you mean you don't have three different major chain burger joints?"

"No, but we can drive an hour out of town to get to a knock-off KFC, that's pretty cool."

Small Town Rivalries

There's nothing like a healthy bit of rivalry to get the hometown pride swelling up inside of you!

Trot Through

There was a person denied service at a drive-through in my hometown as they were on a horse. There was a public uproar!

Dating Rules Are Much More Lax

If you apply the "don't-date-your-friend's-ex" then you're really narrowing your chances of dating anyone.

Spreading Like Wildfire

Heck, sure stuff will spread, but it's better to have fun than live your life full of regrets!

When You're In, You're In!

Why is this so true? I think that this one is fairly universal as well, everyone finds things to moan about when they're in their hometown/city, but will defend it to within an inch of their life when they're away.

Small Town Directions

In fairness, no one in a small town needs to give directions as everyone knows where everything is.

Return Of The Chosen One

I find it so strange going back to your hometown after being away for a long time, it feels like your willingly walking into the plot of Groundhog Day.

Please Come And Collect Your Package... Immediately!

I'd have much preferred the image if the mailman had to walk around the town delivering mail, all while having a chaotic rooster in their bag!

Oh, Are You Related To...?

Sometimes it is easier just to say "Yes, I am their estranged cousin," and then walk away!

Our Town Is Smaller Than Yours!

Wow, what on Earth is that magazine called, "The Daily Rat?"

Mo Curfew, Mo Problems!

I have never experienced a curfew, and can't imagine how strange that must be living with that law. Do police actually enforce it, or is it just more of an overhanging threat?

Everywhere You Go... Everyone Knows Your Name!

You will also find yourself going through the same conversations again and again with the same people. It can get quite exhausting.

Why Are You Late?

And you thought being held up by a tractor was the height of small-town behavior, well they've been out small-towned!

*Slightly Out Of Key Trumpet Sounds*

I played in a high school classical band for years, and good God did we murder some classics!

Have You Got Any ID?


You will always be a child to your mother's friends! Also, I'm confused why they wrote, "trying" in this instance, did they actually get ID'd at age 41?