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10+ Celebs With Too Many Kids To Count

There are a lot of celebs out there who have some pretty big families, and we love that for them.

Despite the hectic work schedules and being in the spotlight so often, these celebrities manage to juggle their busy lives!

1. Jude Law

Paramount Studios

Kid Count: 5

Starting off with a relatively low number (for this list), actor Jude Law has five children at the time of writing.

2. Rod Stewart

Instagram | @sirrodstewart

Kid Count: 8

Rod Stewart may not be as famous as he once was, but at the time of his height, he was quite the ladies man! He now has four daughters, and four sons.

His first daughter, Sarah Streeter, was born when Rod was just 17. He made the decision to put her up for adoption and they reunited many years later.

3. Steven Spielberg

New Line Cinema

Kid Count: 7

We are obviously more concerned with Steven Spielberg's movies than we are his children, which is why we probably didn't realize he had 7 children, born between 1976 and 1996.

4. James Van Der Beek

Instagram | @vanderjames

Kid Count: 5

James Van Der Beek is keeping his kid count relatively low with five. And they're all pretty young too!

5. Diddy

Instagram | @diddy

Kid Count: 6

Diddy's got his own biddy kiddy army. Maybe he's trying to start up a family band. Kind of like The Partridge Family, except instead of "groovy" tunes it would be for rap.

6. Bruce Willis

Instagram | @rumerwillis

Kid Count: 5

It's not the first five kids we've seen on this list, but there's something special about Bruce Willis' five: they're all girls!

7. Jim Gaffigan

Instagram | @jimgaffigan

Kid Count: 5

Comedian Jim Gaffigan is married to Jeannie Gaffigan, best known as a writer and executive producer for The Jim Gaffigan Show. Together, they have two daughters and three sons!

8. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Instagram | @schwarzenegger

Kid Count: 5

Not only does the bodybuilder turned actor turner governor has five children, but one of his daughters is now actually married to Chris Pratt.

9. Eddie Murphy

Instagram | @bria_murphy

Kid Count: 10

Ten! Can you believe it? Comedian Eddie Murphy has 10 children!

Well, at least we know for sure that the Murphy bloodline isn't going to die out any time soon.

10. Mick Jagger

Instagram | @mickjagger

Kid Count: 8

Not only does Mick Jagger have eight children, but he also had his most recent child in 2016. Jagger was 72 at the time.

11. Alec Baldwin

Instagram | @hilariabaldwin

Kid Count: 6

The Baldwin family is a very famous family already, but with Alec's 6 children, it's likely that they will become as famous as their father!

12. Steve Harvey

Instagram | @iamsteveharveytv

Kid Count: 7

When you think of Steve Harvey, chances are that you aren't thinking about his children or family.

But the star actually has 7 kids!

13. Clint Eastwood

Instagram | @scotteastwood

Kid Count: 8

We have to wonder if Clint Eastwood's children are as tough as he was as a young man.

Could they pull off The Man With No Name, as their father did before them?

14. Billy Ray Cyrus

Kid Count: 6

Billy's first son with Kristin Luckey, Christopher Cody, was born in 1992. He went on to have three children with Tish Cyrus, including Miley, Braison and Noah Cyrus. Billy also adopted Tish's children, Brandi and Trace.

15. Kevin Costner

Instagram | @kevincostnermodernwest

Kid Count: 7

Kevin had three children with his first wife, Cindy Silva. He went on to have four more children and is now married to handbag designer Christine Baumgartner.

16. Kevin James

Instagram | @kevinjamesofficial

Kid Count: 4

Kevin and his wife, Steffiana de la Cruz have welcomed one son and three daughters.

17. Taylor Hanson

Instagram | @taylorhanson

Kid Count: 6

This guy's got teens, he's got babies, he's got dogs, man that must be one busy household!

But seriously, you have a beautiful family, Mr. Hanson. Good for you.

18. Tori Spelling

Instagram | @torispelling

Kid Count: 5

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott have welcomed five children together, two sons and three daughters!

19. Mel Gibson

Kid Count: 9

Mel Gibson has a lot more children than people might have realized, and he's also a grandfather!

20. Mike Tyson

Instagram | @miketyson

Kid Count: 8

Former world heavyweight champion Mike Tyson has eight children. Sadly, his four-year-old daughter passed away in 2009.

21. David And Victoria Beckham

Kid Count: 4

If you were in a relationship with either David or Victoria Beckham, would you be able to keep your hands off either one of them?

No, you wouldn't. No wonder they have four kids.

22. Gordon Ramsay

Kid Count: 4

The celebrity chef has a whole slew of children to carry on the family name.

Do you think his kids will call their subordinates donkeys, or will they use curse words?

24. Robert De Niro

Kid Count: 6

The legendary actor welcomed a son with his first wife, Diahnne Abbott, and adopted her daughter from a previous relationship. He went on to have twin sons with former model Toukie Smith, and then went on to marry his second wife Grace Hightower, who welcomed his 5th child, another son. He welcomed his daughter in 2011, who was born via surrogate.

25. Charlie Chaplin

Kid Count: 11

Man actors back in the day were having a lot of kids!

Charlie Chaplin not only had 11 kids but also did so with four different wives.

26. Sting

Kid Count: 6

6 children is actually pretty average for this list, and they all come from different points in his two marriages.

27. Master P

Kid Count: 9

When he wasn't rapping or playing basketball for the Toronto Raptors, he was busy being a father to his 9 children.

Good for him!

28. Marie Osmond

Instagram | @marieosmond

Kid Count: 8 Marie had her first son with her then-husband, Stephen Lyle Craig. In 1986, she married Brian Blosil and together they had two children and adopted five children. In 2011, Marie remarried Stephen Craig.

29. Kirk Cameron

Kid Count: 6

The universe has blessed Kirk Cameron and Chelsea Noble with six beautiful children.

Luckily, that means they can make tons of adorable videos.

30. Madonna

Kid Count: 6

We all know about her very public adoptions, but she also had some kids with famous director Guy Richie!

Not to mention one with Carlos Leon.

31. DMX

Kid Count: 15

Rapper DMX has fifteen children, with his youngest being born in 2016!!

32. Mia Farrow

Kid Count: 14

The actress has adopted ten children, and given birth to four. The two oldest twins, Matthew and Sascha, are now 50-years-old.