13+ Tweets That Are Only Funny To People Over 30

Time works in mysterious ways. Well, it doesn't really, it just sneaks up on you at one point in your life, taps you on the shoulder and whispers, "Guess, what, you're old now, suck it!" into your ear. And, amongst the most recent people to experience this tap on the shoulder, were those who were born in the 90s.

I often find that people look back at the 90s through rose-tinted glasses, however, that doesn't stop me from enjoying a bit of nostalgia now and again. So, here are 13+ tweets that are only funny if you're older than 30!

Straight To VHS

I remember having Mulan 2 on VHS. I'm not sure if this had a cinema release, but hot damn it was not a patch on the first! (Don't get mad at me if you loved this film!)

Oh, I love That Son... Wait, What?

I genuinely just found this out, and I don't think that I will every quite get over this. My faith in the world has been rocked... I guess you could say "I'm all out of faith, this is how I feel, I'm cold and I am shamed".


As was pointed out by a lot of people, this was the ligma of yonder days. If you don't know what this is, then may God have mercy on your soul.

Time Has A Funny Way Of Working

It's just basic math! It still baffles me that Torn was released back in 1997, not 3 years ago.

Remember When People Weren't Trying To Make Their Kids Sick?

Ah, does anyone else remember the days when there weren't hordes of the misinformed roaming in packs across the internet trying to bring back eradicated diseases? That really was the highlight of the 90s and 00s for me looking back.

Strike A Pose

Oh good Lord, the 90s really is looked upon favorably in retrospect, isn't it? At least the 90s gave us Pokemon, that's something I guess?

Oh, How Costumes Have Changed!

Nowadays, kids costumes all look like they're professionally made, not like the truly abysmal things that people would have to wear back in the early 2000s — just overstretched bits of plastic cloth with bang-average designs drawn on them.

The Land Before Twitter

It's hard to remember what we used to text each other about before memes became so popular. We could occasionally bluetooth each other a funny ringtone I guess?

Rewind The Tape!

People who glorify the days of blockbuster often forget how tedious it was having to rewind a VHS tape. I mean, it was fun walking up and down the aisles as a kid looking for stuff, but I do not miss it by a long shot!

90s Electronics 101

One of the main declines in this particular school of electronics is the fact that computers and TVs are so slim now, so there's nowhere really to smack them properly.

Watching A Movie In School

It used to be particularly heartbreaking in our primary school if you were meant to be watching a movie but all of the TVs were in use. Although, it was a very religious school so a lot of the films were educational Christian cartoons, so we weren't missing out on much.

Inflatable Slides

Christ, I remember that unique pain as though I had the skin ripped off the back of my legs only yesterday.

The Scam Of The Century

I'm curious if this is still something that kids do today. There was nothing quite like having a replacement teacher as a kid, you'd go into class knowing full well that there was going to be absolutely no work done.

100% Wired

I also remember being warned by the news not to wear white headphones as it would make you a target for thieves!

*Beeping And Whistling*


If there are any people reading this who do not know this sound, then I implore you to quickly search for internet dial-up tone online and listen to that infuriating and unsettling sci-fi gobbledygook!